There are certain women who are no longer “needy” for a man, no longer needy for a boyfriend, no longer want the ordinary….they WANT a Thunder God who carries the power of prayer in his loins.

They aren’t interested in the airy-fairy spiritual man who’s lost in new age rhetoric, mantra buddies, or meditators who have no anointing like the son of God.

The one question they ask up front or within a very short period of time is: “Can you pray?”

While many women want a man who can meditate…and there’s nothing wrong with that – these types of women want a prayer WARRIOR on his knees who can bring down heaven to EARTH.

Far beyond his accomplishments, trophies, 6 or 7 figures, being a CEO or legend… whether he possesses a God body shield; he’s willing to master the power of his spiritual command and wrestle with God, storm the gates, shut the mouth of predators and rule on his knees.

This doesn’t mean he has to be a monk or a religious man. This doesn’t mean he has to be a perfect man.

She wants to know whether he can put his hands on God’s throne because she is NOT interested in a man who’s just sitting around with idle fingers on the remote or playing video games all day long.

She wants to know if he can get on his knees and whether he’s willing to tremble before the great ONE at 3 am in the morning.

She wants to know whether he can storm the gates of hell and if he can stand guard against the enemy so it will not prevail against her and her house.

She wants to know if he’s a WATCHMAN in the spirit…

She wants to know if he’s just as good at what he says as HOW he prays.

She wants to know if he can cut down the head of the sniper and take him out completely.

She wants to know whether he has sensors because he’s so in tune with what’s happening and ready to wrestle even if it breaks him.

She does NOT care if he mumbles something to God…if he stumbles as he’s trying to knock on God’s door….as long as he has a word in his mouth that can shut the mouth of the depraved and silence the enemy at his gate.

She wants to know if he can KEEP her safe while on his knees and if he can COVER her at all times.

There is a kind of woman who wants a Thunder God…and she will NOT settle for anything less.

~ Nicole Gayle

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