Nicole is known to bring a masters level awareness to the principles of masculine/feminine dynamics, polarity consciousness, sacred union, ascension, consciousness, the quantum field, money dominion and one of the most sought after teachers and mentors on the planet who holds the Hieros Gamos codes, Divine Feminine template and Evolutionary Quantum Queen Consciousness. Often known to be highly activating in her shares online and completely unapologetic, she is devoted to her mission in service to the King and helping women heal their relationship to the masculine energy coming into their Sovereignty and Surrender. Nicole mentors women from around the world, and women like stay at home moms, career women, spiritual entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, consultants, doctors, lawyers, surgeons, speakers, journalist and from all walks of life have consulted with Nicole for assisting them to come into royal Divine Feminine Codes. She is the creator of her signature Throne Work Brand, helping women take the throne and rule as the Mighty Queen while also consults and assists Entrepreneurs to live in their feminine wealth principles, anchor their money dominion, activate their abundance and reign as the Empress in life and Business.