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I created a new 7 session package where you can work with me 1:1 for deeper healing with the masculine.
Now $3997.
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You get 7 private calls with me where you will go through a healing session with the healing modalities below:

1. Inner Masculine Alchemy – Heal Relationship with Masculine within and without.

2. Healing Father Wounding – Heal father wounding and abandonment imprints.

3. Solar Feminine and Rod Modality – Activate the Solar Feminine and ground the inner Rod Principle.

4. Quantum Queen Modality – Activate the Sacred Laws of the Divine Feminine.

5. Christ Shield Modality – Raise the Christ shield and protect yourself from interference, attacks or blocks.

6. Enter the Time Warp with Abundant Masculine Modality – Create a new avatar masculine for your sacred union or partnership.

7. Christos Sophia Sacred Union Modality – Heal relationship wounding and create a new sacred relationship blueprint with Christos Sophia template.

Email to secure your spot: [email protected]

I only have a few more spots left for this special.

Payment plan available. 🙏








What women are saying:

“I also just wanted to say, I studied behavioral neuroscience and worked in a genetics lab processing DNA at Harvard for a few years. I studied so much material about the origin of consciousness. Your work with the evolution of consciousness is seriously incredible. I feel you are a genius. Just wanted to share that! So much respect!”
– Jennifer Conghalaigh

“I highly recommend this for anyone struggling with their own inner masculine/outer masculine reflection. Nicole helped me tremendously during a time when I was completely devastated and I credit this healing work with helping me out of the mire and into my own glory.”
– Lauren Harkness







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