Doors Now Open. Enter the Time Warp of the Abundant Masculine and Receive Everything You’ve Ever Wanted from the High Masculine







Beloved Divine Feminine,

It’s time for you to receive all the abundance you deeply desire from the masculine and know the truth of the high masculine – that you are deeply held and provided for.

Many women have had experiences from the lower masculine of not being fully met and provided for. If you can relate, you may have experienced many cycles of rejection and abandonment that’s collapsed you and left you reeling from the deepest hurt and pain you’ve ever had.

This attack is from the lower masculine. The lower masculine creates from the time capsule – wanting to keep you trapped in a timeline cycle of rejection and abandonment – and uses rejection and abandonment as a weapon against the feminine.

Low masculine dead seed types:

 Snipers  – vampiric tyrants, fascists, authoritarian, psychopaths, lacks empathy and only focused on power over women and people.

 Spoilers  – lacks consistency, follow-through, presence, abandons, unreliable, ghost protocols, and evasive. Shields are always down, works in the realm of confusion, and lack balance.

 Jokers  – appear well-meaning but have zero guts and leadership. Lacks dominance and does not own truth or have passion to create on high level with the feminine.

 Brokers  – supports the snipers and are pawns that work for their own ideologies and disconnected rhetoric. Always trying to win deals with women and others that are for their own advantage.

Despite having had some or many of these experiences, you are MORE powerful than the low masculine’s attempt to keep you living with an absent masculine lack program.

You are able to access the POWER of the high masculine and experience a NEW level of being fiercely loved and provided for like NEVER before.

It’s time for you to be fully taken care of…by a high masculine….one who caters to your every desire and needs.
Gone are the days when you are starving, where you aren’t pampered, where you are not receiving, where you aren’t feeling like your cup is overflowing with masculine goodness and provision.
It’s time to have a FULL cup, running over with all of what you are desiring from the masculine, a full purse, bathe in the oil of the anointing, where you are lavished, and receiving deep presence.
It’s time for you to enter the abundant masculine time warp.







I’ve created a brand new program to help you receive ALL you’ve ever wanted from the high masculine.

In this new LIVE program, I’m going to help you experience the gifts of the masculine, know the truth of the masculine, anchor in the rod of the masculine within your life and enjoy being served by the high masculine in amazing ways.


One of the high principles in consciousness I’ve been working on over the past few years is the Rod principle – this principle was completely destroyed and collapsed within me.
I’ve been working on raising the Rod back so that it’s structure calibrates me at the deepest levels especially physiologically at the nervous system level and accessing its frequency deep within my being.

Symptoms of collapsed Rod in women includes:

  • Lack of consistent provision
  • Lack of money
  • Lack of high masculine support
  • Pestilence and terror programs
  • Abandonment victim imprints
  • Lack of focus and direction
  • Mission interference
  • Union with masculine interference
  • And much more

The Rod was stolen from the feminine leaving her without the correct protection and provision and I want to explore how women can heal from the collapsed Rod deeper in my upcoming abundant masculine time warp program







 The Abundant Masculine Time Warp program is a 4 class module group program. 

Class Dates & Time:

Class 1: Monday March 28th at NOON PST
Class 2: Tuesday March 29th at NOON PST
Class 3: Monday April 11th at NOON PST
Class 4: Tuesday April 12th at NOON PST

All classes will be held via ZOOM and recorded for replay. Dates and times subject to change with notice. Additional classes may be added.







 Here’s what you will receive in the LIVE classes: 

Class 1

Enter Into the Abundant Masculine Time Warp: Release the time capsule of the lower masculine, repair the time remnant and enter into the consciousness of the solar masculine christ provision

Class 2

Solar Christ Masculine Rod Restoration in the Feminine, Solar Dragons, and reclamation of your scepter: Restore the rod principle within you so that you are never collapsed again by the low masculine. Ground down the electric christ masculine rod to structure your entire being and assist you with anchoring abundant masculine provision.

Class 3

Gifts of the High Masculine & Christos Sophia Union Codes: Receive your deepest desires in the trilogy. Enter into the gates of receiving and access the unified portals for prime masculine downloads.

Class 4

Devotion, Romance Codes and Intimacy Infusions: Experience a Christ masculine communion and with a man, the infusions of intimacy, the sacred romance and royal devotion.

Moving out of the time capsule into the time warp allows you to experience a reality beyond your masculine trauma response of lack.
Your power in the Abundant Masculine Time Warp is unlimited!!
My entire energetic field is being restructured : I can feel its frequency has altered – generational patterns are being recoded evidenced via my daughter and the masculine she has brought into her life …. Revelatory Times indeed “
– Lian Phillips
“This meditation is 🔥🔥🔥 it has helped opened my natural abilities and consciousness SO much. Not to mention bringing into my presence truly masculine energy. And it’s only day 2 “
– Carol McKee
“After a particularly intense soul experience last week, I had the blessed privilege of another mentoring call with Nicole. We’ve all mentioned Nicole’s expertise, wisdom and authority on the subject of the Twin Flame Journey.

I would like to highlight the fact that her teaching is not just informational, but deeply respectful of the delicate states of the soul. This call was also confrontational for me in its dealing with some hidden issues and I felt preserved in my dignity and blessed with Nicole’s unconditional love for all of us on this journey.

There’s not much more to add. I am honored by the loving care Nicole bestows on us, tirelessly communicating if there is something on her mind about us. My mentoring calls are powerful and I feel my soul work expanding and deepening intensively. I am deeply grateful for Nicole Gayle’s work and commitment.

Thank you, Nicole, for giving me a hand and showing me again how to navigate my emotional journey. I feel so much more comfortable with my internal world. It’s okay to be me and feel what I feel. I am running out of things to say in my feedback, but Nicole never runs out of new things to share with us. I feel heard and understood. Thank you so much.“
– Oresta Cybriwsky

“Hello Nicole, I just had to say, I’ve always resonated with your work, but your latest work around the lower masculine time capsules and the war against the womb is seriously knocking it out of the park!! I can’t tell you how much it resonates on the deepest most galactic levels of my being! Thank YOU“
– Jennifer O Conghalaigh













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