Affiliate Terms & Privacy Policy

  • You agree to promote the programs on platforms that give you permission.
  • Do not promote in areas that you don’t have permission, for example, if you join a group and they do not permit promotions, do not promote the program in the group.
  • Do not spam with your affiliate link.
    Your affiliate link will track your sales for 365 days.
  • You agree to represent the program in the highest integrity. A lack of aligned representation will result in deleting your affiliate program.
  • Your affiliate link is exclusive to you only. You agree to use your personal link and share this in order to track your sales and commissions.
  • You will not receive a commission if a customer decides to request a refund based on the program they bought through your affiliate link.
  • You will receive a payout of your commissions after 15 days based on your sales.
  • The affiliate commission is currently based on 50% of the sale. You will make 50% of the sale of each program a customer buys through your link.