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Beloved Woman,

In the fall of  2019 I heard a guidance to open a temple for women and I followed the guidance and created a temple: Calling In The King – What took place next left me speechless.

As I began putting together posts and sharing my transmissions to women about Calling in the King, I had women after women wanting to sign up to join the temple.

Creating the temple space was not part of my original plan for the year, however God gave me a detour and with this amazing guidance doors opened up for me unlike anything I had seen around a group coaching program.

Calling in the King was my first temple program, over 50 women joined the program, many learned King tools and the temple program which I taught over an 8 week period brought in around 50K – without ads and just from pure organic traffic with me sharing new King codes and transmissions on a daily basis.  

Women were READY for KING consciousness and week after week their lives were transformed.  The good news: You’re also going to have the chance to learn the same tools that helped bring in the power of God’s glory in the lives of women.

I believe women are now ready to help build temples, the place where we are being the sacred chalice for God’s glory to fill and for us to express this in our world.

Our time to bring the kingdom glory of God to the planet is here. Now.  The divine feminine is anchoring the glory of God as the solar feminine who carries God’s glory on the planet.  What I taught in Calling in the King was just the start of a glorious consciousness that women are yearning for and wanting to be filled with. 

We must anchor the grail King consciousness and descend it back to the planet and I’ve been given a mandate to train women to run temples and create a space where women who are desiring to be king makers and serve the immortal God gather and bring this (Kingdom Come).

“I am looking for women who are ready for King power”

I’m looking for women like you – women who are ready for King power, women who are ready to merge with the immortal KING who desire to create temples and offerings to share their gifts with women around the world, allowing more women to have their lives filled with God’s glory.

Because it is the glory of God that will truly set women FREE – free from misery, free from shame, free from lack, free from limitation, free from toxic relationships, free from money hell, free from can’t affording their desires, free from empty pocket syndrome, free from living less than she was created to live and a life that she was created to experience with beauty and joy.

I was afraid to hold my glory in my heart and soul

There was a time when I was afraid to hold my glory in my heart and soul. I was terrified of standing in all of who I was called to be.

Deep in my heart I was aching for something more. I would watch as so many women stand boldly in their truth only watching on the sidelines hoping that one day my life would change.

During all that time, I was still doing my spiritual work, but although I was doing my spiritual work, I was relying on new age spirituality to help me access more of my holy power.

No matter how much I tried using new age spiritual tools, my life and mind still stayed stuck, and at times I felt like I was trying to come up for air.

I had spirituality, but I had NO power to create my life in epic ways, no true authority, no absolute luminous Queen consciousness that allowed for supreme dominion within my heart.

I wanted to break FREE…but trying to use new age tools like basic meditation, chakra work, feminine spirituality, psychics, clearings, without KING consciousness would only go so far.

It wasn’t until I was DEEPLY activated by KING consciousness that my life began to change in epic ways.

King Consciousness Activates Kingdom Power

After moving through my journey always feeling broke, limited and stuck, integrating KING consciousness into my life helped me to come into my sovereignty!

It is the woman who is integrated in her balance of her own masculine and feminine that knows true power. 

It is when the king is raised in a woman that she has the capacity to create in extraordinary ways, since it’s this principle that is responsible for the law of the physical.

Example: A woman’s money flow changes with true King consciousness integration, her capacity for financial sovereignty is great, her ability to live in freedom and not dependent on systems or others is at its highest when she has multidimensional provision. 

I am debt free in both life and business.

I currently have combined properties over a million dollars.

This all happened in about a year and a half.

When I integrated the KING consciousness in life and business, everything in my life changed around abundance and I want to train you how to build using KING codes.

I am looking for women who are about the Kingdom

The only thing I’m about is KINGDOM building and THAT’S the only thing.

I have a mission to help women around the world express their true inner and outer kingdom power.  I’m about kingdom building because it is how women are ESTABLISHED in cosmic sovereignty.

I am looking for women who are ready to partner with me to learn the healing tools that’s impacting the lives of so many women already.  You get to learn the tools and teach it to your groups or use it with your clients.

I’m partnering with amazing Divine Feminine Teachers to bring you THE very best in KING technology and sacred temple teachings

Here are just a few of the women who will be assisting in the temple trainings:

Elena Weber

Elena Weber

Elena is sacred arts healer and mentor. She brings together the teachings of ancient holy sacramental plants in union with the revolutionary medicines of the Quantum field and God consciousness. Elena combines her gift as a medium, allowing herself to be a clear channel for Spirit to bring in high level awareness and clarity in her work.

She is devout in the ceremonial aspects of the medicines of the Amazon, as the lineage runs deep in her veins. Elena is a medicine carrier of the plant medicine Rape(pronounced Hape) and has proven her worth through initiation to be carry and serve this sacrament.

Through her offerings of phototropic breathwork, Elena teaches how the power of our breath can heal our traumas, integrate ourselves into a higher calibration, and ultimately connect us to God. She holds the Divine Child Consciousness codes and brings in clarity through her mentoring of inner child healing with her clients. Merging her skills as a medium, quantum healer, breathwork healer and teachings of sacred plants, Elena brings forth deep healing and quantum leap transformations in her clients.

Elena lives her life sacred ceremony in high devotion to the One true God of the Living
Light. Her mission is to serve humanity by assisting in healing and liberation for those
who are ready. As a Hieros Gamos code carrier, she is here support others to come into sovereignty and ultimately access the divine union within, the union with God.




Emily is an arcturian priestess teaching the science of ascension and helping to facilitate deep cellular healing, clearing false templates, infections through the field, Trauma, and helping to merge and balance the masculine and feminine energies through the divine union template. A twin flame herself she understands the false interfacing and Negative Alien interceptions that have corrupted the old Tf template and Old earth energies through False light and False ascension mapping. Her primary desire is to assist in the reconnection to the organic and authentic Self to create and expand through the new earth grids and collapse out the old archetypes ad structures through the fallen systems.



Thea Satrom is a Sacred Womb Healer & Quantum Practitioner. She is Certified in Massage, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Zone Therapy, Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Birth Doula, Reiki, Iyengar Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapy and has studied Visceral Manipulation, Cranio Sacral, Lymph Drainage, Kriya yoga, & Transcendental Meditation. 
Her mission is to invite women to return to the sacred source of the womb.  She is dedicated to body consciousness and sacred womb magic.

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TOTAL VALUE: $20,000
The practitioner training is a sacred holy container with full devotional service. Your payment is 100% secure with encrypted technology.
Tuition is non-refundable with the intention of creating from a full trust in your guidance and what you will receive.

Join The King Temple Practitioner One Year Program

The King temple practitioner program is a one year mentorship program where you can pay as you go and earn while you learn.  

You get a chance to learn new tools every month PLUS get teachings from the top Divine Feminine Mentors on the planet.   You can use the healing tools to run your own temples as well as use them to coach clients 1:1

Every month when you learn a healing tool then demonstrate your skill with it, you can get to use it to help women even before you graduate.  

The level of high accountability and trust that I am creating in the temple will ensure that you use the tools with the utmost skill set and run temples that can have a small group of 5 women or a larger group over 20 women.  It’s up to you what container you choose and you will have the temple practitioner space to support you.

Here’s an example of the King Temple Training Schedule – Dates and Times May Change With Notice

Official Temple Training Opening: July 15th 2020

The King Temple will host training classes 2x per month. Each month you will receive 2 training classes over 5 hours held every other Tuesday at 11am PST, unless otherwise notified.

Temple Training will continue 2x per month from July 15th 2020 until June 2021

You will receive temple training 2x per month, learn a temple tool per month as well as teachings and transmissions from Divine Feminine Instructors


Here are topics and tools we will also explore:


  • King Codes and Krystic Architecture 
  • Creating with the Divinity of Masculinity
  • New Earth Temples and the God pool
  • Hieros Gamos Activation and Codes
  • Inner masculine alchemy practice and raising the inner hero
  • Throne Room Practice
  • King of Glory Meditation
  • Womb Sovereignty and 12 Tree Grid 
  • Healing the Fatherless Spirit and Father Modality
  • The Lion Codes
  • Holotropic breathwork 
  • The Crown practice
  • Descending the King of Glory
  • Mastering creating temples and groups
  • Mastering attracting your soul genius tribe

And so much more!


TOTAL VALUE: $20,000
The practitioner training is a sacred holy container with full devotional service. Your payment is 100% secure with encrypted technology.
Tuition is non-refundable with the intention of creating from a full trust in your guidance and what you will receive.

It’s time to BREAK out of the shame and persecution matrix that causes women to live with deep famine binds, it’s time to stand in the strength of your holy power and CALL yourself into the power of your Royal KINGDOM POWER!

We are standing together as the NEW covenant tribe, Priestesses and Queens ready to SERVE our planet, ready to say YES, ready to offer our medicine, READY to answer the call.

We are women after God’s heart. Not only will you learn King Codes and the tools to assist with your inner and outer Kingdom power, you are going to learn how to help women heal around the world.

Carrying The Medicine

It’s time to require yourself to hold your holy hot truth in your bosom and your soul, step out in your full power to serve with your gifts and receive your full divine compensation.

You KNOW you are carrying the medicine…

Will you grab hold of your sceptre and stand in your full sovereign power?

TOTAL VALUE: $20,000
The practitioner training is a sacred holy container with full devotional service. Your payment is 100% secure with encrypted technology.
Tuition is non-refundable with the intention of creating from a full trust in your guidance and what you will receive.

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You get monthly teachings from the Top Divine Feminine Teachers on the planet, temple training to run and host your own temple, learn the healing tools to use in your temple or with your private clients!


This training is based on the energy healing tools of Nicole Gayle. By taking part in this training, you agree that you will not hold Nicole Gayle responsible in any way. Participating in learning how to be a King Temple Practitioner does not guarantee income. You are responsible for your healing business and earning potential.