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Throne work is one of the most sought after mentoring programs in the world.

Women from all walks of life are being impacted with the new codes of feminine power and rising into their sovereignty.

This is the new quantum leap into Queenhood and throne work is the most evolutionary path to helping women access their royal codes.

Walking In Royal Power

Women are rising and desiring to move past traditional ways of being empowered or seeking shallow ways to feel fulfilled. They are wanting more than what’s been offered and are saying yes to the HOLY call

Blue color cursive text: The HOLY yes is the YES of women coming into their power as the Priestess and Mighty Queens.

No longer are women waiting for permission to leap, they are taking the throne and living in the power of all they were meant to be.

As women are rising there is a great demand for more feminine leadership.  Women who receive the mentoring and training to help other women and this is why I’ve created the Throne Work Coach Mentoring Program

Being a Throne Work Coach means that you are ready to claim your birthright and answer your royal call to help heal and lead women to their destiny.

Are you ready to answer this royal call of living in your God given power and help to change the destiny of women?

By becoming a Throne Work Coach, you are walking in your divine calling and activating your legacy. You’re claiming the opportunity to create your own majestic life and experience the joy of learning how to embody your Divine Feminine for royal living.

Join the high royal group of women who are desiring to lead with their divine power, help women rise while receiving their divine compensation.

As a Throne Work coach, you will learn the new covenant healing modalities to expand your life and bring women into the inner healing, divine peace, royal living, sacred inner union hieros gamos, higher timelines, and deeper embodiment of their divine feminine power.

If you’ve always dreamed of doing throne work you get a chance to both learn and embody the throne work sacred tools as well as learn how to mentor women into their royal power.

When you enroll in this mentoring program, you will activate, heal and integrate throne work in your life. Your life will now become the consciousness of royal power and as you walk in this anointing in you and help women also take the throne, you create a level of feminine grace and divine wealth for you and for women.

Being a throne work coach is about the highest level of divine feminine power and living as the mighty Queen. This opens doors for you on all realms, including having power with God and men.

Since throne work is also about healing the relationship with the masculine and coming into greater inner union, it gives you divine favor with men, money and God.



Healing The Feminine Pain

The depth of pain many women are carrying with the masculine is epidemic.

Women often have pain around the masculine at the:

Collective level
Generational level
Experiential level

And this deep unprocessed pain that’s filled hurt, grief, fears, abandonment, rejection, obsession, triggers, reactivity, anger, compulsions, rage, mistrust, emasculation, combativeness and competition keeps them from a lack of harmony with the masculine.

Women are not only wanting to build their empire, but also build with the divine masculine and in order to do this must look at healing the active pain body so they can be more harmonious.

Throne work helps to collapse the pain body and if you still have an active pain body around men, become a Throne Work Coach as you will move yourself through the initiation required to both create with men, money and God on a whole new cosmic level.

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