Calling In The King


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Invite the King In ALL Areas of Your Life. Get the Home Study Program Now With Men Along the Grail King Path Who Will Be Guests To Mentor You Into Your Hieros Gamos Queen Path

Are You Ready?

Divine Woman,

The Grail Kings are here and they will be joining you in the temple to help to support your sovereign ascension into your Mighty Queen Power.

The KING has returned – the immortal consciousness of the Universal King is moving with potent anointing in its return unlike NO other time in history.

The magnificent and holy truth, the glory of all of his presence is also finding itself into mortal men and RE-MAKING them into immortals.

Many of our men are receiving these initiations into their highest glory and inspired by the divine feminine on her knees, who serves the immortal King, in deepest service, also ruling on the throne of her own heart.

The Dark Prince

Although the spirit of the King has returned, you may not be experiencing this in your life in the way you deeply desire.

If you don’t have the quality of divine masculine in your life you’ve always wanted, you may be familiar with the dark prince.

Many women have met what can be referred to as a dark prince in their lives.  They struggle with always meeting men who have the “potential” of what they desire but never truly feeling the magic of mutual devotion towards them.

The dark prince is the energy of a man who isn’t a throne man but may appear as though he is.  He carries the  vampire/seducer energy or the energy of a very low masculine presence.

If you’ve had this experience, you may have been pulled in deep, felt an overwhelming attraction and magnetic pull, feel compelled to connect and fall into him, only to have him never fully showing up for you.


The dark prince may seduce you into feeling like you are the most important person he’s ever met, you feel enthralled by his energy, completely overtaken, you feel like his energy takes you over and that you can’t escape it.  

It makes you feel weak in the knees, your heart often pounding when you think about him or around him, when you hear his voice you get the feeling like you are drawn in by his magic and his power to draw you in making you feel like you can’t escape it.

The connection feels “holy” – like there’s some exalted energy behind it, like it’s giving you ideas, thoughts, feelings and intuitive downloads you may never have had before.  You feel this compulsion to be with him, chase him, you obsess over him and feel like you can’t ever get enough of him, but…he is always REJECTING YOU.


The Juvenile Prince

You may have met a man who may carry some form of energy similar to the dark prince and you are either still holding out for more from him or he’s separated from you but you can’t get him out of your mind.

This man, like the dark prince, swayes you, you are always energetically drawn in, he comes hot and cold, he’s wishy washy, he’s night and day, he’s up and down.


You just can’t ever feel secure with him no matter how hard you try and you keep feeling like a carrot is being dangled before you.


As wonderful as it may feel to finally believe you found “the one” you are equally emotionally out of sorts, you keep feeling like you can never find an emotional footing, there is always something you are worried about and it keeps you totally and completely off center.


The dark prince and low masculine mortals have the same quality about them:

  • Karmic
  • Snipers
  • Unpresent
  • Unstable
  • Disconnected
  • Chaotic
  • Emotionally unavailable
  • Seducers
  • Vampires
  • Rejection
  • Abandonment


They all carry a certain imprint in them that makes women feel drawn in with desiring them and their potential but never truly being the kind of man who can provide the energy of true masculine presence and mutual devotion.


They even have had the label of a DM (Divine Masculine) or Twin Flame but so many women have called in their desire for a magnificent man only to find they are lost without him.

These men do not have what I call: THE BUILDER CODES in them.  They aren’t GRAIL KINGS. 

He’s the man you may hope for, you chase, you keep returning to over and over again, you feel “magnetically” drawn to, because you’re playing with your little girl wounds, who you feel lost in, who says things that leaves you broke, who’s not in his right mind, don’t know if he’s coming or going, who you are trying to fix, mother, save, who you’re trying to extract devotion from, who you have to worry about, who you’ve cried hot tears over, spend money on readings for, watch youtube videos over and over about how to make him fall madly in love with you, because he does not carry the builder codes in his being.

You want a MAN who’s carrying the BUILDER CODE – on the GRAIL KING PATH – this is the kind of man who comes READY to BUILD with GOD and you.

To Call In A King You Must Heal Your Inner Masculine

If you have a heavy pain body around the masculine, your relationship with the masculine will feel like consistent suffering and pain.  

You may find that you are always calling in men who are boys, dark prince, karmics, or juveniles.

To call in men who have King presence, you will need to heal your pain body towards the masculine and anchor your GRAIL KING consciousness.

A female pain body cannot initiate men into their King codes.

If you’re carrying a heavy pain body around masculine energy – even though you are spiritual and have done much spiritual work, you may realize that you keep manifesting or bringing men with the corresponding pain body you didn’t heal within yourself.

These men are the same vibration of what is stored in your pain body around men – and they will act out in ways that reflect this within you.

This year, you ONLY want to create with men who have King energy in them or have the potential of this in their field.

This is why this temple will host the men who are on the GRAIL KING path so you can immerse yourself into their energetic field and anchor in more KING consciousness in your life.

You ONLY want to require the King in your life and for this to show up in ALL realms.  

You no longer want to have the type of masculine energy in your experiences, whether it’s with men, money, your mission, career, business, purpose, manifestation – which are ALL masculine energy – show up in your life moving forward.

Are you ready to DESCEND so you can have throne power with the masculine?

Many women along the spiritual path believe to attract high level masculine in their lives they have to keep “ascending” and “raising” their vibration.  

But in order to truly have power with God AND Men, you will have to go INTO the dark – and this is where my inner masculine alchemy healing modality will help you do to balance your own inner masculine.

The inner masculine alchemy will help you descend into the dark, moving your feminine energy into handing over all of her “PAIN BODY” to the masculine and allow for your own inner masculine to heal so that it can become your HERO.

Without your hero intact, you will find that the level of discernment, inner peace, grounding, provision, anchor, rest and stillness you crave with men, just isn’t there.

This is because the HERO is the HERO of your soul.

I want you to build a HERO within you that can help you create, manifest, and ground the reality of the MASCULINE in your physical reality.  

And in my BRAND NEW 8 WEEK GROUP COACHING PROGRAM, I will show you how.

The Grail Kings Are Here

For the first time in the temple, we are bringing in the Grail Kings – men who are on the awakened masculine path who want to serve you deeply.

These are high masculine men who will share on masculine and feminine energy and high masculine consciousness to assist you Calling In The King in ALL areas of your life – Your King, Your Money, Your Mission, Your Power To Manifest.


Make this year THE year you heal the pain of creating with the masculine and come into harmonious power with men.

Enroll in my Calling In The King Home Study Program to FINALLY end the pain of attracting low masculine energy men in all areas of your life.


Calling In The King is a 8-week virtual temple home study program to help you hold space for creating with the multidimensional masculine.


Here’s what you will receive:


  • 8 Weeks Group Training – Instant Access
  • Grail Kings Guest Mentors
  • Facebook Support Group – Join and read from past members and the process
  • 21 Day Inner Masculine Alchemy and Shadow Work
  • Quantum Queen Healing Modality
  • Grail King Activation and Meditation – led by Grail King Mentors
  • Calling In The King Meditation
  • King of Glory Practice to Anchor in Immortal King Consciousness
  • Throne Room Practice to Ground Royal Codes


Here’s what is included:


  • Deleting Lower Masculine Timelines and Inner Masculine
  • Grail King Codes
  • Sacred Union Hieros Gamos
  • Anchoring the Multidimensional Masculine
  • Quantum Queen Modality and Healing
  • Descending the King of Glory

Here Are Your Grail King Mentors

Rion has been awakened from the alchemical, healing, and co-creative MEDICINE of Meta-Feminine Archetypes and Allure. In addition to Muse and Goddess (being his greatest teachers, inspiration, source and magic) he also has a rich background in other areas that has prepared him to serve you as a specialist (and Divine Masculine Magician).

Rion Kati

Lukaijah is a guide, activator, musician and transformation specialist who integrates many effective modalities of healing to support individuals in reaching their highest potential. He specializes in multidimensional healing, subconscious belief clearing, voice empowerment and heart activation.

20 years ago, Lukaijah experienced his first awakening which launched him on a path of training in the healing and mystic arts. For over a decade he studied with the Masters from many lineages throughout 30 countries and picked up a variety of beneficial tools and practices. He became a successful healer and empowerment Teacher in Japan, yet was still operating from the guru leadership dynamic. After being in the heart of Sendai during the earthquake known as ‘Fukushima,’ he became aware of the distinction between outdated methods of awakening and a new evolutionary model that honors the spiritual sovereignty and equality of each individual. He began supporting others to cultivate their direct connection to Source and unweave from the many distortions and consciousness traps prevalent in the world.

His work and music is dedicated to supporting people to live in alignment with their inner wisdom, fulfill their planetary mission and evolve the collective of Humanity.

Lukaijah Tarquino

Get 10% OFF

Use Coupon Code: KING At Checkout

What’s Inside Your Members Areas

The temple is a sacred holy container with full devotional service. Your payment is 100% secure with encrypted technology.
Tuition is non-refundable with the intention of creating from a full trust in your guidance and what you will receive during the 8 week program.

Women who’ve done the Calling In The King work have seen incredible transformation in their inner and outer world with the masculine.  

Here’s what some of my clients are saying….

 “I have had a big transformation ever since I took up my personal coaching with you, my Teacher Nicole Gayle. From a wounded person, you have helped  me transform and guided me to a NEW person who I am proud of myself, independent & fiercely kick off the old self and create new timelines and protected by my KING. Also the powerful Veil. I am the Mighty Queen. You have helped me to understand all my confusions and reasons for all my obstacles. I am grateful to have met you. In such a short period, you have explained all of my challenges and obstacles. You lead me to the right path. I no longer need to beg and put myself into victimization mode, self pity, self sabotaging and you even help me to heal my childhood wound. You go deep into the root cause of my wound, guided me, healed me and transformed me into a powerful Mighty Queen. Your timeline repair has reduced my pain to zero. You have taught me how to FIX myself well. A new ME before 2020 has taken my THRONE and rule it confidently in 2020 and my future. I love you Nicole. I am grateful and blessed to have you as my teacher.”

~ Jolene Choy

“Calling in the King is a life-changing program. I feel so empowered as a sovereign woman from Nicole Gayle’s teachings. Before discovering Nicole’s work, I had studied and intuited several methods of life empowerment for years. Nicole’s teachings on “karmic snipers” and generational trauma deleted multiple timelines of suffering that put me on a higher and healthier timeline. I am forever grateful. Nicole’s programs have impeccable value. I am honored to have participated in Calling in the King. It contains priceless wisdom that every woman should possess. I feel that Nicole’s positive impact is strong and she is a purposeful teacher. She teaches with high integrity and high value. I feel that I am one of many women who are grateful to have her as a teacher and coach.”

~ Frances Chan

“ Calling In The KING! I was looking to embody my Divine Feminine and what I found is I needed to Call in the King. From that moment on my life began to change. Raising my inner hero was the beginning and finding my way back to God consciousness once again. I highly recommend all women find their way to Calling in the King as Nicole Gayle has created such a perfect program because it comes from her heart & experience. I am totally grateful to have met you Nicole and I am blessed every day because of your teachings. Calling in the King is the path of the Divine Feminine. I know because my mission is to awaken her. Ask Nicole Gayle about the New Calling In The King that is being created right now! ”

~ Josette LeBlanc

“The Level one Throne Work program –  It’s been changing my life on a daily basis and it’s incredible. It’s deep and rich work which is so rewarding. I am healing elements of my past history with men that have been so hurtful that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to transform in this life. But I am now and it’s powerful.”

~ Nicole D' Alonzo

“When you ascend and take the throne, you start realizing just how powerful you were all along, because you start to remember who you are and where you came from. Nicole has the power to root Queens and groom Kingmakers. As a Queen, you not only have the power to change lives, you also get to create a life of your dreams here and now. If you are prepared to access higher codes and come into true power and sovereignty then you’ve come to the right place.  Nicole has changed my life. She is the reason that I remember I am the Mighty Queen, the Royal Priestess, the Royal Daughter.”

~ Shalin Kaur

Call in the King, the presence of the multidimensional masculine in your life, the abiding presence, the provider, the protector and all of this glory fill your life this year!


It’s Time to Call In the King In All Areas of Your Life

It’s time to see the masculine show up in ALL areas of your life, including men, money, manifesting, business, career, mission and GOD.

This is the year to bring the multidimensional presence of the masculine in your life – for GOOD!  Let the Grail Kings show you how.

Heal your relationship to the masculine, activate the sacred codes of your holy power with inner masculine alchemy work that can change your life!