Call in Your Thunder God

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Dear Goddess,

You’ve come to a place in your life where you will let nothing and NO one tell you that you aren’t ready for the most electrifying relationship of your life.

Because as a Goddess you KNOW you are worthy of nothing less than a THUNDERGOD.

You may have met a twin flame, you’ve met soul mates, you’ve met nice guys, but you’re now on a new level.

Your new level requires a man who can hold all of you, everything you’ve done to grow yourself from within, all of your desires and all you’ve ever wanted in love.

This type of man is also a GOD – he’s YOUR Thunder God!

Your whole journey has brought you to this moment…

Where you are ready to call in a god – a man who’s carrying so much raw power, so connected to his raw primal masculine, so in tune with his own thunder, he’s the electric masculine ready to claim you!

You are ready to call him in and nothing will stand in your way.

You won’t let any fears hold you back

You won’t let anyone tell you it’s not possible

You won’t let any past mistakes you’ve made discourage you

You won’t let any negative beliefs keep you from your desires

You are ready…PERIOD

This is a 3 month program – starting Jan. 11th

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3 month group coaching

1 additional month free

Bonus access to my Mystery Program – immediate access

Bonus access to my Realm Program – immediate access

You are ready to be fully supported and be with a community of women who also share your passion and vision for an electrifying relationship with your God of Thunder.

I present to you a brand new program I created for women like you:

 Calling in Your Thunder God

Here’s what you’ll learn in the program:

  Week 1: Goddess Activation

  Week 2: The electric field

  Week 3: Love & Thunder

  Week 4: The primal masculine and primal feminine

  Week 5: The electric womb and goddess of co-creation

 Week 6: S*xual creation portals and divine intimacy

  Week 7: Lightning and Romance

  Week 8: The field of Gods and Goddesses

  Week 9: Merging the heart and womb with the electric masculine

Week 10: Feminine linguistics and language of the gods

  Week 11: The King’s Law and place of YES

  Week 12: Goddesses & Thunder God Alliance

Bonus 1 month of support calls.

Surprise Guest Teaching Spots by Men!

Want to deepen your enchantment process with the masculine and receive men along the Alpha Prime path guiding you to attune to the high masculine principle? I am inviting a few men to be guest teachers to share on men, masculinity, and how to call in your thunder god!

These guest teaching spots will be scheduled throughout your group coaching program experience.


Amanda Monnier

Nicole Gayle has been one of the most solid, truth driven, and aligned mentors that I have ever worked with.

I found Nicole through FB and had this nudge to enroll in the Solar Feminine & Alpha Earth King Program. Holy Divine awareness!! This program was the start of a massive shift in consciousness. I knew I was to work with Nicole 1:1.

I enrolled in her Abundant Masculine Program and it has been about 6 months of mentoring with her.

I have never felt such power and embodied feminine come through one human in my life. The Queen Codes are 🔥🔥. She truly is a gift and I HIGHLY recommend her work if you feel called.

I am at a place of inner peace and a deep deep knowing that Union is within and I am to receive it without ♥️.

Thank you Nicole for sharing your beautiful gifts and being one of the most pivotal mentors on my path.

With love
Amanda Monnier

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