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Calling In Your Thunder God - Full Pay
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Natasha Gayle
Rich Brand Marketing Assistant

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Calling In Your Thunder God - Full Pay
Calling In Your Thunder God - Full Pay × 1

Subtotal $2,222.00
Total $2,222.00

What Others Are Saying…

My experience with Nicole has resulted in instant empowerment and shifts that are propelling me through blockages resulting in immediate improvement and success in a variety of areas in my life. I highly recommend her training and courses to anyone who is ready to embrace the unfolding of their highest potentials.

Ashley Rose

I’ve been working with Nicole for almost two years and she has challenged me beyond my expectations. I’m grateful for her coaching and what she brings to women today in coaching, healing, teaching, and business knowledge that is much needed for these times. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Josette Leblanc

Nicole brings together higher wisdom, embodied sovereignty and practicality. I feel blessed by her guidance… deeply blessed.

Lulu Trevena

I am once again blown away by the depth of Nicol’s understanding of masculine/feminine dynamics and frequency management. Incredible session!!!

Esther Dederichs

Such a powerful session with Nicole. The activation was very strong energetically in my root moving up to my heart. I had a beautiful energetic heart expansion during the activation. The union of my inner masculine and feminine with God was so beautiful to see. Thank you Nicole for your guidance through the ceremony.

Alisha Patch