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The Calling In The King Digital Program – Season 1 Includes…


Module 1: Descending into the Dark Goddess


Module 2: Deleting the Dark False God


Module 3: Rising from the ascension matrix


Module 4: Raising the hero and the hieros gamos template - Masterclass with Rion Kati


Module 5: Anchoring the Multidimensional Masculine


Module 6: Descending the King of Glory


Module 7: Bonus Interview – With Special Guest Dr. Priya


Module 8: Bonus Interview – With Special Guest Dr. Priya

What Others Are Saying…

“I had a big transformation ever since I took up my personal coaching with you my Teacher Nicole Gayle. From a wounded person, you have helped me transform and guided me to a NEW person who I am proud of myself, independent & fiercely kick off the old self and create new timelines and protected by my KING. Also the powerful Veil. I am the Mighty Queen. You have helped me to understand all my confusions and reasons of all my obstacles. I am grateful to have met you. In such a short period, you have explained all of my challenges and obstacles. You lead me to the right path. I no longer need to beg and put myself into victimization mode, self-pity, self-sabotaging and you even help me to heal my childhood wound. You go deep into the root cause of my wound, guided me, healed me and transformed me into a powerful Mighty Queen. Your timeline repair has reduced my pain to zero. You have taught me how to FIX myself well. A new ME before 2020 has taken my THRONE and rule it confidently in 2020 and my future. I love you Nicole. I am grateful and blessed to have you as my teacher”

– Jolene Choy

“When you ascend and take the throne, you start realizing just how powerful you were all along, because you start to remember who you are and where you came from. Nicole has the power to root Queens and groom Kingmakers. As a Queen, you not only have the power to change lives, you also get to create a life of your dreams here and now. If you are prepared to access higher codes and come into true power and sovereignty then you’ve come to the right place. Nicole has changed my life. She is the reason that I remember I am the Mighty Queen, the Royal Priestess, the Royal Daughter”

– Shalin Kaur

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