Step into the Fire Palace and Become the Unstoppable Woman


I want to show you how to get your fire back, set your life on fire and reawaken your divine spark in the Fire Palace – a place where you can learn how to harness the power of the electric frequency to ignite your life!

About 2 years ago, something changed….

I began to notice I was not my usual self

My energy felt zapped

I lost my motivation

My vitality was low

And my energy felt depleted

I spent more time on the couch trying to get my energy back than I was used to.

At first I thought it was stress but then it continued to where I was feeling zapped day in and day out.

On a physical level, I started to experience the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, but on a spiritual level, I felt dull, discouraged and depressed.

I no longer had motivation like I did before and my fire energy was no longer activated as much as I was used to.

It affected my self esteem, confidence and feelings of connection to myself.

I began to wonder…”where did my unlimited energy go?”…and I just dealt with it by “carrying on…”

Previous to this, I felt like I could spring out of bed, ready to go, my joy was off the charts and now I was feeling like there was only a tiny spark keeping me going.

My spirit would sink lower and lower until I was living my life like a victim of my situation.

I felt like I wasn’t good enough, like no matter what I was trying didn’t really work out as planned, like I was a failure and wasn’t succeeding on the level I had hoped.

After months of feeling sorry for myself…one day I clearly heard: GET UP

The feelings of being weak and powerless made me feel a level of defeat I hadn’t felt in a long time.

I was “trying” but barely

I was starting to go from one feeling of hopelessness to the next

I didn’t feel like I was supercharged on the level I was used to and getting up and doing something about it felt like the last thing on my mind.

But I needed to find a way to reAWAKEN my divine spark….

And I noticed that saying mantras or doing a spiritual meditation wasn’t doing it for me on the level I wanted.

I needed something MORE powerful than just trying to make myself feel better.

And it came to me…

I needed to use the electric frequency to REBOOT my inner world.

This electric frequency would LIGHT my fire up again

The Day I Noticed My Entire Body Being Recharged
As I was sitting on my blue couch with my head against it…I began realizing that I had received downloads on the electric frequency a few years ago, taught about it for a couple of years..then stopped.

I just went to focus on different things…and stopped teaching about the electric frequency.

So I started to use an attunement practice to help to reawaken my body and mind

And it started to ignite my body and mind

This special attunement practice I was being given was activating my fire and it started to come back online

I want to show you how you can get your fire back or start a blaze in your life that affects everything around you.

During my reawakening fire process, I discovered there were 5 specific phases to activating my fire on a whole new level.

And I want to show you how using the 5 phase process along with the electric frequency will begin to ignite your spirit and heart.

Here are the 5 phases I discovered:

Phase #1

Activating the breath

There is a quick but powerful breath practice I will teach you to get your nervous system to recognize your fire energy and begin to bring the solar dragon back online

Phase #2

Waking up Your Fire

In this phase, you are going to work with the power of the fire letters to wake up your inner fire and clear negative programming, beliefs and blocks from your mind and energy. Get ready because what you will practice will make you feel so unstoppable that no low vibration frequency can remain in your experience.

You will learn how to command your fire in such an unconventional way…it will stun you. You will learn the fire goddess practice that activates your warrioress energy so that you can slay on every level.

Phase #3

Power Your Body

I began to discover that I needed to incorporate foods that have electric frequency in them and started to use this simple but powerful drink in the morning that helped to charge my body.

I also started to eat on the electric timeline with the foods I choose and changed my diet.

I combined this with specific movement practices I do that helps me stir my fire.

Phase #4

Invoke The Electric Consciousness

I created an electric attunement practice I started to do everyday that began removing unconsciousness blocks from my mind, unresolved trauma from my past, unconsciousness agreements from my soul and began to recreate a new fire frequency within me.

Phase #5

Own Your Solar Dragon

If you want to create on a high level and magnetize your desires, you also want to learn how to ride your dragon.

I am going to teach you about the solar dragon and how to harness the power of the electric christ frequency that helps your solar energy give life to everything you touch!

Master the frequency of FIRE and become unstoppable in your life, relationship, business or money.


The Fire Palace is a 6 month group container for women who desire to be unstoppable in all areas of their lives.

In the palace you learn how to master the 5 phases of the fire frequency and WAKE up your fire so that you are living in your ignited feminine frequency!

I will help you…

Activate your Fire Goddess Frequency

Stand in your unstoppable power

Call in your highest desires

Reclaim Your Feminine Sovereignty

Master your fire codes

Unlock your Solar Dragon template

Invoke the electric frequency

Clear blocks that’s stuck in your body and energy

Command more money & abundance

Become fearless & lit up

Reconnect back to your body’s intelligence

Reawaken your joy

Ignite your spark & become a woman on fire!

Every woman has a fire goddess in her that can help her feel her magic, divine spark and light everything up in her life.
If you desire to awaken your fire and set your life ablaze on a whole new level, entire the Fire Palace and change your life forever.

We start Wed. August 23rd. You will receive a special welcome email with more details on the program.

Start date: Wed. August 23rd
Time: 1pm PST/3pm EST

 Master your FIRE and learn the fire rituals that will activate your fire power!

Note: All Classes Will Be Recorded for Replay & Will Take Place via Zoom.

If you miss a class, you can catch the replay in your private members area.

Please check your email after signing up for more details on how to access The Fire Palace.

Looking forward to having you,
Nicole xo

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