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Do you feel like you’re tired of –

 Trying out a million different marketing strategies in your business and yet making NO SALES?

 Being clueless and spending countless hours struggling to attract your soul-aligned, dream clients?

 Spinning your head trying out every viral strategy out there – only to end up with crickets on your posts?

You probably assumed that just posting content on your social media platforms and engaging with your audience would be enough, but it turns out, it’s a lot more complicated than that – Especially when it comes to attracting raving fans who can’t wait to buy from you !
You know that there’s something that still isn’t clicking.
Eek! That sucks!

 I absolutely get you! Have been there, exactly where you are right now! 😰 

So, are you done riding the inconsistent leads and clients roller coaster and struggling with constant overwhelm?

Are you ready to learn those viral marketing strategies that can –

 Help you beat the algorithm

Extensively boost your reach and engagement

Skyrocket your visibility and catapult your business

And have people chasing you in your DM’s for your links and programs and start blowing up those payment notifications like never before!


The “HOT AUDIENCE” Template!

My signature “Hot Audience” template will help you authentically build a viral audience so that you can finally start showing up with confidence knowing you are nurturing your leads while organically positioning your business.

Let’s deep dive into the insider secret and help you uncover the framework + master your messaging; so that you can have your dream clients flowing in like a magnet.


“Hot Audience” is a battle-tested template that’ll help you :

Have consistent hot leads who can’t wait to jump in your DM’s and start working with you. Learn my proven blueprint system that I use to become a high-ticket client magnet with ease.

Crack the code to find your ideal, soul-aligned, “All IN”, “Yes, I’m ready” high-paying clients with my back-end content creation strategies.

Uncover the high-converting content formula I use everyday that will also make your audience say an INSTANT YES to working with you. Get this right and I can guarantee abundant clients and consistent cash flowing in without constant stress or worry!

Learn my powerful relationship marketing techniques and engagement strategies to skyrocket your social media. ​And SOO MUCH MORE..!

If you want to build a business that lets you live your dream life with abundant income, location and time-based freedom… You’re at the right place.

Stop mimicking what you see other content creators are doing and get ready to buckle your seatbelt to have a pipeline of crazy hot leads and massive cash flowing in with ease!

This is all absolutely possible for you! All you have to do is take a leap of faith and put my signature strategies to use right away!

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have we met?

I’m Nicole, a self-made millionaire and online business mentor. People know me as a visionary money queen and helping women master the feminine code for high level business success and elegant life freedom.

 My mission is to help women restore the matriarchal wealth line and experience supreme financial sovereignty in their life and business.

I turned my life and business around after losing over 100K in a business investment and started to rebuild my business with a brand new high level strategy using my years of business experience to create the feminine money circular economy where I help thousands of female entrepreneurs online and in my private biz programs, mastering money energetics, monthly memberships, and academy for high cashflow months.

After rebuilding my business from scratch, I quickly hit multiple 10K days within a few days. I invested in my business even more learning from high level 8 figure coaches and have made multiple 10K days with my sales nearing 100K in just 30 days.

I did this all organically! 💯

👉 Today, I help women master money SPEED, collapsing time around money, experience a higher and more beautiful money timeline with grace, power and high level business strategy.

I teach masculine/feminine money dynamics, omni-level marketing, sales strategies and embodied energetics to help women scale to 50K+ months and beyond.

So, if you’re ready to leave behind the stress, overwhelm, and the constant confusion for good and build a viral audience who immediately go from “HI TO BUY”, make sure to join the “Hot Audience” program at $7 only!

Get the template today for just $7.

Learn viral marketing strategy that beats the algorithm, boosts your reach, encourages daily engagement with your audience, increases your visibility and get people chasing you in your DM’s for your links and programs.

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Will the “Hot Audience” template work for me?

The strategies and techniques have been battle-tested by me + a ton of my clients who’ve been able to achieve some phenomenal results. If you want to build a viral audience for your offers and courses, be assured that these templates are perfect for you.

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes, you will receive lifetime access to the templates.

What’s the investment?

The value of this template clocks in at $297, but you’d be investing only $7 if you take the decision now.

How do I buy the “Hot Audience” template?

You can get access to all the templates by clicking on the buttons right now.

How’s the “Hot Audience” template different from other resources out there?
I’m so glad you asked this! I have used this template to build a target audience and attract high paying clients for years. It’s proven to work. Every dollar you invest in your business is absolutely valuable. So, the “Hot Audience” template includes the A-Z framework you’ll need to master the formula for building a HOT viral audience for your offers, so that you can hit multiple 6-figures + much more with ease in your business. There are very limited resources out there that’d cover content planning strategies + relationship marketing techniques + engagement methods needed to build a HIGHLY TARGETED viral audience who’ll love to buy from you.
I have a few more questions. Where can I reach out?

Feel free to reach out to us by emailing at [email protected]. We’re just an email away 🙂

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