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Inner Masculine Alchemy Video Teaching


Inner Masculine Alchemy Healing Demonstration



Healing The Father Wound Modality


Healing Father Wounding Video Training

Heal your relationship to the masculine within and without. Transform and integrate the wounded father consciousness so that you are living from your royal line and throne power.

What Others Are Saying…

This program was THE God send that saved me. I had just come out of a “twin flame” relationship. The relationship had collapsed my body not just my mind and soul. My heart that yearns for true love was the only thing that stayed a light, a little, that anchored me to crying to God for help from the bathroom floor and booking this course. As soon as I did I could feel the incredible shift begin in my body, mind, heart and soul.

I was sick from this relationship. Like emergency ward sick where they found NO THING wrong with me after tests and tests. But I could not believe the incredible connection I had with this man could end … it, he, I, had to get better right? But really what was I going to do? Kill myself involuntarily? If not my body, my soul, my passion, my mission- I had no time for these things.

4 months later after this course I am a power house wildly supported by God and my own inner masculine / King. I recently connected with a gorgeous man, he was totally magnetised, I was without any fear, and we had a gorgeous date, but he didn’t match all that I needed. It was a no, and the no was easy to energetically receive from him and it was easy for me to deliver my no with grace and ease.

My nervous system feels completely supported by ME. I will never compromise or tolerate or chase or be a groupie … I’m the star of my show, my life, my realm!

I cannot thank you enough Nicole Gayle for this PROFOUND love life resurrection!

Thank you thank you! 4 months and I look back on the “twin flame” and he is nowhere near half the man I’ll be with … nowhere near… yet I thought he was it.

I’m free 👸❤️☀️🙏🏼

– Caroline Seipp
“Nicole has such presence and grace. I am so blessed to be in this space of healing my deep fractures with the masculine and God. Learning to how my template has been distorted and how to return my devotion to the rightful king. I am looking forward to unlocking deeper aspects of healing and devotion with these divine tools of creation.”

– Alisha Patch

“Finding my way back to the one I am now ready to call God again and having Nicole’s guidance and support when I take my first trembling steps and build courage to face my deep wounds with males and turning that into trusting my own inner masculine as my inner hero so that I can conquer the world as a Queen. I do not care how many hours that will take on my knees in submission, I have determined to get my crown, even if I have to ducktape that to my head. Jokes aside, there are no words to describe the gratitude for tonight’s guided practice by Nicole during which I heard the words “welcome daughter, I have been waiting for you to call me, you know I have always been here for you” Thank you Nicole, from the bottom of my soul.”

– Sannariikka Silén

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