Learn Quantum & Energetic Mastery with tools in the Quantum Portal Now


Here’s what you get in the Quantum Portal:

✓ Quantum Clearing:
In Quantum clearing, you get to clear a past hurt, pain, heartbreak, or wound and recreate the new frequency state of it by choosing the new timeline of the experience so that you are operating in your sovereign self.

✓ Quantum Codes:
Learn your own unique quantum codes. Bring the codes from the quantum field to help you access the super-intelligent mind. Learn how to operate in “super mind” consciousness beyond the brain so that you can bring the quantum field energy into your subconscious mind and activate the GIFTED mind. Create a high-flow state and level of genius that helps to give you ideas, inspiration, and dreams, to live from superior divine guidance that flows in your life on autopilot.

✓ Quantum Jumping:
Learn the new quantum “Jump” into alternate realities unlike what’s available online. Access your sacred creativity and design avatars in consciousness so that they “jump” and create with your reality. Call on a new aspect of yourself to show up when you need it to help you call in money, love, health, joy, abundance, and more.

✓ Quantum Solar Healing:
In Quantum Solar Healing, you learn to reconnect back to the solar frequency to clear out the distortions at the cellular level and come back into the unified field where you are now living from the risen solar power that is your organic angelic original DNA.

✓ Quantum Miracles:

Learn how to be a miracle maker with the Quantum Miracles Protocol which shows you how to make miracles in the quantum field and get assistance from the Christ Angels to bring them into physical reality. Master time and space with the agency that makes miracles happen in your life.

You can join the portal and do this as a self-healing journey or get private mentoring when you choose the Private Mentoring Option. Work with me 1:1 to help you master the Quantum Portal.

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Quantum Portal Bundle - VIP
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Quantum Portal Bundle
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Quantum Portal Bundle - VIP × 1
Subtotal $2,500.00
Total $2,500.00

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