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Here’s what you will learn in the mini series:

 Video 1 – Escape the Polarity Matrix

Video 2 – The Lightning King and Dark Masculine

Video 3 – The Path of True Power with Men

Video 4 – The Muse and Inspiration for Masculine Energy

Video 5 – Being the Crown who is served by the masculine and receives his provision.

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Heal your relationship with the masculine, rise from relationship trauma, and learn the spiritual secrets to embody the true codes of the KingMaker

Whether you are single, married, or in a relationship, in this powerful new mini-series you are going to learn how to master the true codes of the KingMaker, moving from polarity matrix teachings of being in your feminine struggle to get love and devotion from men and how to work with the lightning king dark masculine. Learn how to become THE embodied muse inspiring the masculine’s devotion and heal your relationship with the masculine for good.

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