Quantum Formation & the Avatar

Last year I faced such an excruciating disappointment, it shocked me to my core.

In the midst of trying to manifest a higher dream life for myself, I had an experience that made my head spin, I could have easily been derailed from manifesting what I wanted.

I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t faced massive hardship, like a tower moment when they are trying to uplevel themselves or make their dream come true.

If deep within your soul, you’ve felt crushed time and time again because there is something you deeply desire, I want to help you master how to let it come into formation.

Instead of letting that experience take me from my power to manifest what I wanted, I entered into formation and got my dream home worth 2.1 million dollars months later.

Join my Quantum Formation & the Avatar Program Now

In my quantum formation and the avatar 8-week live program, we will explore the formation field of consciousness and the art of manifestation.

I am going to show you how to master the high field of manifestation so you invite in your deepest desire, whether it’s more love, higher relationship timeline, more abundance, money, aligned body and prosperity.

I held the synthesis of consciousness in such a powerful way, I paid off over 20K in debt with 6 months and went from living in my 500K home to manifesting my dream home of 2.1 million dollars.

It’s time for your FORMATION.

It’s time for your breakthrough.

  I went from being broke to making 6-7 figures when I began mastering the field of formation and experiencing unlimited abundance in my life.

  I went from being in a non fulfilling relationship to attracting and being served by high leading men who are on a timeline of provision

  I went from being sick and having major hormonal issues to coming back into balance in my body and healing massive anxiety and panic attacks

  I went from hardly getting out of bed to thriving and being in love with my life.

  I went from feeling disconnected to my feminine to loving being in my radiance and bliss.

  I went from running myself down in my business to creating a life of ease and joy.

And I still want a higher way to create even more in my life so that I can live a life of freedom for myself and my children and also help change lives on a daily basis.

Here’s what you will learn in this
8-week program:

Class 1: The Creator Codes

Class 2: Soul Transmission

Class 3: The Mother Field

Class 4: Body Liminials

Class 5: Experiential Mirror

Class 6: The Transporter of consciousness

Class 7: Landing the Avatar

Class 8: Exponential Receiving

You get 2 hour live calls on zoom each week with Nicole and a chance to join the Quantum Formation & the Avatar Facebook group to support your weekly manifestation goals and breakthroughs.

Pre-Class Community Meetup: Oct. 19th @ NOON PST

Live Class Start Date: October 26th-December 14th
Time: NOON PST / 3pm EST

Dates & Times may change without notice.

All classes will be recorded for replay.

Price may change without notice.


Get immediate access to 4 bonus video training on mastering the field of manifestation when you register at the early bird price. Plus bonus access to the FB group where you get regular FB lives teachings before the 8-week program.

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