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Learn energetic selling and marketing PLUS powerful business strategies to unlock your power as a 6-7 figure coach or healer!

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Sacred Business Profits - Full Pay
Sacred Business Profits - Full Pay × 1
Subtotal $997.00
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I have grown so much in the last 5 weeks and I am so grateful. I feel continuous support from Nicole. She is attentive to my emails and answers questions clearly and timely. I am already seeing definite results.

– Laura Godfrey

I just wanted to share my deep gratitude for Nicole ❤ I spent my morning mapping out my business direction and brand with Nicole and my mind is blown how much was achieved. I love everything about Nicole, her big heart and commitment to guiding women in their matriarchal wealth line. And I had been feeling a pull to redirect my business for a while, aligning it even deeper to my mission after doing another one of Nicole’s programs this year. If you can, I highly recommend to work in some capacity with Nicole privately. What we achieved this morning blew my mind and heart wide open .

– Kelly Jade

Thank you for the call today Nicole Gayle. I’m so tired in and depleted from living in lack consciousness. I assumed my financial reality would just simply shift as a biproduct of the healing work I have done over the years on my inner masculine. However, I’m realising that the programming runs very deep and I need more focus and daily commitment in the quantum field to collapse old timelines and expand my ability to receive and hold larger sums of money. I’m committed to entering a completely new financial reality through my new online business offerings. I’m also feeling incredibly inspired and excited after a heavy period of hopelessness from the strain of being the sole financial provider for two young children and the responsibility of wanting to be able to make all our hopes and wishes come true! Thank you!

– Natalie Smith

Sacred Business Profits Will Include…

 Over 14 hours of video training, high value workbooks with marketing strategies and techniques, proven ways to attract paying clients and a 30 day social media marketing plan to help you make money in your business.

Module 1 – Queen Dominion and Wealth Energetics – Rule your energetic and business space and create a new money timeline.

Module 2 – Millionaire Moves with Dottie Reynolds – Secrets to multiple six figures and beyond!

Module 3 – Social Media Queen – Activate your magnetic presence, make them pay attention and come back for more.

Module 4 – Money Priestess and Client Attraction Strategies – Master the secrets of wealth creation and attracting high-paying clients.

Module 5 – Irresistible Programs and Multiple Six Figures – Package your genius and learn the secrets to multiple revenue streams.

Module 6 – Copywriting and Pen of the Goddess – Hold the pen of the Goddess and never feel stuck on what to say to attract clients.

Module 7 – Sales Funnel & Launch like a Queen – Once you learn these launching strategies, you will make bank over and over again.

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