Create your digital course and make bank everyday!

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Create your digital course and make bank everyday!

Get the tools and strategy to create your online course and make daily sales.

To date, I’ve made over a million dollars selling my online courses, 1:1 coaching, and group coaching programs changing the lives of countless people from around the world.

I want to help you get a piece of the pie and help you make a difference in the lives of others.

With so much going on in the economy most people are scrambling and wondering how they can start a side hustle or have money coming in daily.

I want to help you turn a passion or idea into profit by following the steps in my digital workbook program to make your online course and start earning cash daily!

Get the workbooks to help you put together your own online course and sell it to make same day cash.

Here’s what you can do with your online course:

 You can sell it from your social media profile (I sell regularly from my profile)

 You can pre-sell it (even if you’re not finished it completely)

You can turn it into a monthly membership (Give 1 module away every month) for recurring passive income

 You can use it as a low ticket offer to get clients then upsell them into your high ticket offer

 You can sell it as your side hustle while doing your 9-5

Turn your digital course into same day cash!

Get Same Day Cash!

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Here’s what you will get in this bundle:

The Digital Product Planner Workbook
Create beautiful programs or online courses and start making bank! In this planner you will learn how to turn your passions into profit, your ideas into gold and package your brilliance with a step by step workbook.

Learn the steps to create a hot selling online course even if you don’t yet have one.

You get to turn your passions into profit by learning how to find the right program idea, how to niche your program, build your course, find the right audience, and the marketing plan to make it work.


Get These Bonuses When You Sign Up Today

My 10K Social Media Training Video

Quickly master social media to start converting your audience to customers and clients. This powerful training will help you get started making money on social media whether you are just starting your business or want to scale

The Facebook Planner Workbook

Don’t have an audience yet? Learn how to find your target audience by knowing the lifestyle, interests and struggles of your ideal client/customer. You will also develop a content marketing plan that helps you become magnetic to your audience.

Convert your profile to attract your clients with a page audit plus have a content plan that helps you have more visibility, engagement and impact.

The Money Mindset Workbook

Get the money mind you need to release the anxiety and fear so that you can nail your money goals.
The money mindset map will help you do the money work to program your mind to receive unlimited cash. It will help you get clear on your money goals and have a plan for your business success.

Manifestation Planner Workbook
Learn how to magnetize your desires and the playbook that covers all areas of your life so that you are thriving in both life AND business. Work with the manifestation planner to help you come into alignment with the vibration that draws money to you, create your highest intentions for your highest impact and freedom you’ve always desired.

The Membership Business Planner

In the Membership Business Planner workbook you can re-purpose your content to create an additional stream of income by having a monthly membership plan. You can deliver your content on your own schedule and be completely hands off.

Create cashflow on auto-pilot, even while you sleep while enjoying your time freedom. You could even focus only on creating a handsoff membership site and turn into into a 6 figure plus empire.

Want to start an email marketing campaign? I’ve got you covered! Learn how to build your relationship with your clients off social media and get them to know about your offers and programs with the email planner workbook. You can learn how to create converting campaigns, set it and forget it content or run challenges to help get your audience excited about your offer.

Create free opt ins, learn the email funnel and launch steps and how to grow your list.

Abundance Field Dynamics Class
Experience the transmission of abundance like NEVER before and understand the abundance field that is the true money TREE of LIFE. Learn how to ANCHOR abundance in the physical reality and not only it as a spiritual frequency. Bring abundance in your business now.

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