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The Solar Dragon Woman has a unique template and mission operating from a specific frequency. She is a woman on a mission whose focus is empire building yet she may not understand how to master her system to support her world, relationship and mission. She may find herself stuck in a relationship cycle with lower masculine men who can’t match her frequency or not making the high-level money she knows will fund her dreams and help build her empire. Learn the energetic principle, driver and mastery of yourself as the Solar Dragon Woman who operates with the fire-coded, supernatural strategy, wisdom, skill, and strength to build, create and rule.

Solar Dragon Woman - Full Pay
Solar Dragon Woman - Full Pay × 1

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Solar Dragon Woman - Full Pay
Solar Dragon Woman - Full Pay × 1
Subtotal $1,297.00
Total $1,297.00

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Solar Dragon Woman Will Include…

Class 1: Unlock Your Solar Dragon Biz Success Template

Class 2: Master your Solar Dragon Money Energetics for Supreme Money Overflow

Class 3: Let your Dragon help you build a brand of impact, influence and significance

Class 4: Invite in a man who matches your energy and ONLY a Thunder God who can handle the power of your impact in the world

When you choose full pay, you will receive 1 private call with Nicole

This is a 4 part series starting Sept. 28th, October 5th, Oct. 12th, Oct. 19th. Wednesdays at 1pm PST. More program details will be sent via email.

Classes will be available for replay if you can’t make the LIVE classes. Lifetime Access

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