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Goddess of Abundance

 Activate your feminine fortune frequency to manifest more clients, sales and abundance as a coach, healer or consultant 

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Clear the energetic blocks that keeps you stuck in life, business and feast famine karmic money cycles.
Create a new money frequency as the Solar Goddess of Abundance


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For a Limited Time Only

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I remember when I was living in the struggle, having been behind on my bills again, and almost 1 month away from losing my home.

I cried hot tears trying to figure out a way out of the mess.

On top of this, I was trying to make my business work so I could have money coming in for my children and everything kept piling up on me like it would never end.

And although things seemed like it was never going to get better, I didn’t GIVE UP HOPE.

I just kept going and received my breakthrough to know my power as the Solar Goddess of Abundance!

You probably know the nightmare of constantly trying to make ends meet in your business or never really unleashing the abundance you desire to have in your life – only to wonder what the eff you are doing wrong even though you are hustling night and day.

I know, because I’ve been there.

It’s tiring to live in a cycle where you are working yourself to the ground yet feel like you are coming up empty every damn day.

And it really does feel unfair!

Years ago when I started my business, no one told me that there may be energy blockages that would cause me to feel like I’m always working but never getting the results I really want.

It wasn’t until I figured out that applying strategy without clearing energy doesn’t get me the results I want in my business.

Energy blocks can be a nightmare in manifesting more abundance & sales

I spent many hours, days, and months applying one strategy after the next, but didn’t seem to be making the sales I want to make in my business.

As a matter of fact, potential clients would bail on me out of the blue, ask me for refunds or won’t show up for their sessions.

It felt like I was STRUGGLING but life was giving me back anything

I was dealing with one headache after the next.

Does it feel like you’re in this money drama cyle too?

You probably can relate to having applied months of strategy, nightmare clients and spending all of your time on social media but not having the results you want in your business.

It can deeply affect your self-worth, your joy, your hope and your energy.

End the money drama and clear the energy that keeps you stuck

If you are living from one money nightmare to the next, if you are constantly living in tears over why it’s not working in your business, if you are fearful that you can’t provide for your family, I want to tell you, woman…do not stop or give up on you.

Because right around the corner could be the greatest breakthrough in your business you could ever imagine.

Get your High Income Breakthrough

I want you to know how powerful you really are to make sales on autopilot, attract the clients you want, build an incredible audience and change lives on a daily basis.

I do this everyday because I worked on clearing the energetic blocks that was blocking me from my impact, influence and income.

Your current situation is a stepping stone for you to know yourself as a powerful woman, to create your own femme fortune and live as the unforgettable icon you are.

The rave about high-income months can feel like a hype and it can feel daunting when you feel like you are on your knees.

I know because it felt like that for me too.

It felt like it wasn’t possible.

It felt like it was out of reach…

It felt like I couldn’t touch it.

But one day I did…and you can too.

Your power and presence can unlock your unlimited abundance in your business, attracting your soul mate clients and making more money faster than you can ever dream.

Start Now

Your power to unleash your prosperity in your life and business starts now.

Set your frequency to client abundance and high income months now

Solar Goddess Abundance healing modality

quantum money clearing meditation

money mindset workbook planner – over 50 pages

manifesting ebook planner – over 50 pages

Video Money & Business Class With Nicole

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WHY $7?

I am giving you a chance to own my Solar Goddess of Abundance bundle for just $7 – this is a one-time fee.

Why am I doing this?

 I want to WOW you and I’m so convinced you’ll love my offer, I am taking all the risk upfront

 I’ve been where you are too and know you can change your frequency to unlimited abundance

I’ve coached over 1000 women and too many women, even women who seem to have it all are still struggling with lack

There are many women who feel like they have to compete with the hype and feel hopeless they will ever have their breakthrough. They think they have to always spend thousands on “high-end coaches” to turn their life and business around. Many of them walk away very disappointed because they end up with fluff.

And I want to give you hope that you really can change your life and turn it around for good!

In the Solar Goddess of Abundance, I am going to show you how to:

 Activate your feminine fortune frequency to manifest more clients, sales and abundance as a coach, healer or consultant.

Clear the energetic blocks that keep you stuck in life and business.

Create a new abundance frequency for high-income months as the Solar Goddess of Abundance and breakthrough to a new frequency and abundance now!

Every divine woman who feels a call to help make a difference in the lives of others doesn’t want to feel like she’s not living up to her potential.

Every woman who wants to have more abundance in her life wants to experience this with ease.

She doesn’t want to experience burning herself out trying to make ends meet and constantly being in a cycle of money drama.

Yet there are many women like yourself with incredible gifts stuck in the land of not enough.

I want you to know you can break free today, trust yourself so deeply that you experience the life of your dreams with the income, clients and sales you’ve always wanted.

 Breakthrough to a new frequency and

more abundance now

Breakthrough to a new frequency and more abundance now

Your breakthrough is possible if you take action now, decide today that you will implement the powerful clearing tools to help you receive Solar Goddess Abundance frequency.

This is a new blueprint for abundance you’ve been waiting for.

Decide today that you will clear the blocks that is holding you back from having unlimited abundance in your life.

Decide today you will receive a life where you are manifesting with ease and your divine femme flow.

Choose to experience a life and business where your sales are consistent, your clients light you up, your audience can’t wait to hear from you and you are attracting what you want because you are so deserving of all your desire!

You got some questions?
No worries, I’ve got you covered!
When does the course start?
You will get immediate access to the modules once you sign up. Thereafter, you can feel free to go through the course at your own pace.
What’s the investment?

The value of this course clocks in at $777, but you’d be investing only $7 if you take the decision now.

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes, you will receive lifetime access to the course.

I have a few more questions. Where can I reach out?

Feel free to reach out to us by emailing at [email protected]. We’re just an email away 🙂

Questions For Nicole?

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