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Solar Feminine “BASIC PROGRAM”

This Solar Feminine Surprise Offer Will Include…

Solar Return Video Masterclass – The Reunified Feminine – Learn about the feminine in her highest principle, merged with the KING and how she has the power to return this consciousness back to the earth and into men.


The Electric Masculine and Rod principle Video Masterclass – The Alpha Earth King comes with an energy body that is activated with the electric masculine. Become the frequency that draws this energy to you so that you are not working forever on trying to have polarity with the masculine. You learn how to BE the consciousness of polarity itself.


Over 4 hours of video program and instant access

What Others Are Saying…

“I m so grateful for your work… something is changing in my relationship since I’m doing the work and doing the meditation with the solar feminine… from the class…. it’s wonderful… it really changes with me… when I change… my world starts to change… and stepping out of the lunar matrix…. it’s just wow! I really hope I can manifest the money to work on a deeper level with you ❤
Sabine Buchner

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