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Women ready to explore the higher solar masculine and feminine template and masculine/feminine polarity dynamics of covering and provision. Learn the healthy masculine response to feminine spirit beings while dating or in a relationship.

Women ready to anchor in their sovereignty while also living in the feminine polarity with abundance and money. I am going to show you the money polarity dynamics of the masculine and feminine that isn’t taught anywhere else.

Women who are choosing to raise their self esteem around receiving and let go of the masculine spirit of going 50/50 with men and replacing his role as provider. No longer hold up masculine provider energy and raise your self honour so you don’t invite in men who haven’t cleared their mother wounds.

Women who want to play in the realm of what’s possible to invite in higher masculine spirit of covering them so they relax into feminine radiance and freedom. Live in your feminine divinity while choosing a masculine who’s healthy response is covering you.

Women who choose to pursue their gifts, mission or career while living in their embodied feminine inside their relationship and receive the healthy masculine energy of provision. Let go of the worker bee masculine energy and release doing relationships from a masculine template.

Women who want to prepare themselves for high receiving from the masculine while holding the power of their crown. Learn how to balance being a leading woman who’s also a deeply receiving woman.

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The Well Provided For Woman - Special Offer
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The Well Provided For Woman - Special Offer
The Well Provided For Woman - Special Offer × 1
Subtotal $222.00
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