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Attention: Single, In a Relationship or Married Women:

Whether you are a high achieving woman who’s made a ton of money and find yourself being the breadwinner/provider in your marriage/relationship or you have a pattern of attracting men where you are always going 50/50 on dates, combining household income, tired of carrying the weight in your relationship, exhausted from leading, burnt out with trying to get him to step up, stuck in your business or with your money – the well provided for woman online program can help you heal your feminine energy to invite in more masculine provision in your life – spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially, including healing your capacity to receive more in your life and business.

One of the best programs created for women who are ready to experience the soft life and master the feminine energy of receiving on a higher level.

Get the 7 week online program now including high level masculine/feminine dynamics around receiving and change the way you experience masculine provision.

The Well Provided for Woman Modules

Module 1: The Spirit of Provision –
Learn the Masculine and Feminine Dynamics as well as the polarity dynamics around covering and provision. In this class I explore the foundations of provision and the healthy masculine response to the feminine spirit. Master your feminine REST in the Circle of Provision.

Module 2: Financial Provision –
Master the financial provision template within and also the inner world of being deeply deserving of masculine provision whether you are single, in a relationship or married. Heal patterns of struggle, toil and grind including going 50/50 or carrying the weight as the breadwinner. Learn how to master your personal financial sovereignty as well as how to attract or inspire provider men.

Module 3: Emotional Provision –
Learn how to master receiving emotional provision from the masculine and how to invite men to support your deepest emotional needs by mastering your own emotional sovereignty, emotional freedom, emotional IQ and alignment with your emotional power. Master emotional alchemy to manage your emotional body and water element well.

Module 4: Physical Provision –
Women in our modern culture are starved for physical presence and healthy intimacy from men. Learn how to invite in a physical circle of provision and experience the physical dome of provision. Move into the evolved model of provision and how to invite in a high masculine presence, master how to rest in having experiences from men that are of the highest quality. If you haven’t had a physically present masculine in your life in some time, learn how to receive the PRIME presence of masculine energy through presence and play, sound and movement, logos and eros, radiance and adventure.

Module 5: Spiritual Provision –
The spiritual energy of men is high masculinity that’s connected to legacy and in service to the crown. The high masculine transfers his legacy to the crown. Learn how to connect with the electric field of masculine energy – this powers the spiritual energy of the masculine in a different way. The spiritual provision for the feminine is how she receives the spiritual covering and spiritual dome of the masculine that is anchored in the electric grid. The spiritual dome of the Masculine is energetic presence, soul expansion and spiritual covering.

Module 6: High Masculine/Feminine Dynamics –
In this class, I explore the solar masculine and solar feminine polarity dynamics and how to learn the original map of union and its holding women in the circle of provision. Learn about the animus and how to heal the split within your masculine psyche and return to your deepest soul level to be covered as the holy chalice.

Module 7: How to be a deeply receiving Woman –
Learn how to be a deeply receiving woman and how to hold what you desire in your life – the woman that can hold the consciousness of yourself as a receiving channel. I explore how to become a receiving portal to access the energy of what you desire and how to receive multidimensional provision. I show you how to heal your capacity to receive a consciousness that is in support and in service to the crown.

Module 8: The Well Provided for Wife –
In this bonus module, I explore how wives can inspire their husbands to move into his highest masculine provision and the steps they can take to restore the original blueprint of living in their feminine rest. In this module I explore how to reverse polarity and how to inspire his highest masculine truth for your family legacy.


Bonus 1: Get the Feminine Embodiment Workbook as Bonus When You Sign Up Now

50+ page workbook which helps you deepen into personal growth, feminine embodiment and radiance plus master manifestation


 Meditation Prompts

 Mindfulness prompts

 Wellness Planning

 Desire Prompts

 Self love worksheets

 Healing worksheets

 Raise Your Vibration prompts

 Manifestation worksheets

 Gratitude worksheets

 Awakening worksheets

 Emotional freedom worksheets

 Inner Child discovery

 Chakra clearing worksheets
And so much more!

Get this 50 page workbook when you sign up now

Bonus 2: Clearing the Heart Wounding of the Masculine Program

Heal your heart to increase your capacity to deeply receive from men. Go deep into the ocean of your heart and clear the original imprint and wounding of the masculine including unresolved hurt from your father and romantic relationships with men. Clear past betrayal, abandonment, rejection and mistreatment from men and the masculine to move your heart into the enchantment process and receive the high presence and provision from the masculine.

Bonus 3: Mystery – Learn High Feminine Secrets That Inspires Masculine Provision

In the Mystery Program, you will learn how to inspire masculine provision by connecting to your feminine magnetism, mystique, and your power as the allure. Unlock your magnetic power and presence like never before.

Bonus 4: Retire Femme Workshop

In this workshop I explore the difference between the culture of war women are taught to have as a flex like: grind, hustle, overworking, overfunctioning – and the culture of rest – where you enter into the retire femme mindset in your life and business and manifest your desires from feminine rest.

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It’s been wonderful! I feel very provided for in my relationship but last year I really hustled in my business (come to think of it I’ve been hustling since my teens) and I’m working on healing this piece. Your work is so powerful and inspiring! I feel so many shifts happening and I’m also working on the practical aspects of monthly recurring revenue. Thank you Nicole!!
– Sara

From a married woman:

“Thanks Nicole, I started listening tonight and my mind is blown on how deep you go on the energy of provision (in the first 15 min). Blessed. Thank you. Can’t wait to see how much I release and welcome during this program.”

This 7 week program is for…

Women ready to explore the higher solar masculine and feminine template and masculine/feminine polarity dynamics of covering and provision. Learn the healthy masculine response to feminine spirit beings while dating or in a relationship.

Women ready to anchor in their sovereignty while also living in the feminine polarity with abundance and money. I am going to show you the money polarity dynamics of the masculine and feminine that isn’t taught anywhere else.

Women who are choosing to raise their self esteem around receiving and let go of the masculine spirit of going 50/50 with men and replacing his role as provider. No longer hold up masculine provider energy and raise your self honour so you don’t invite in men who haven’t cleared their mother wounds.

Women who want to play in the realm of what’s possible to invite in higher masculine spirit of covering them so they relax into feminine radiance and freedom. Live in your feminine divinity while choosing a masculine who’s healthy response is covering you.

Women who choose to pursue their gifts, mission or career while living in their embodied feminine inside their relationship and receive the healthy masculine energy of provision. Let go of the worker bee masculine energy and release doing relationships from a masculine template.

Women who want to prepare themselves for high receiving from the masculine while holding the power of their crown. Learn how to balance being a leading woman who’s also a deeply receiving woman.

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