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“Hello ladies,

I am wanting to share some of the massive shifts i am witnessing since working with the Electric Christ Seed meditation & being apart of the Holy Womb Temple

I began January 1st

I have experienced huge clearings of the lunar energies & matrix , the process has not been the easiest but I knew that it has all been for my highest good

During this process I had a lot of energies arise
-rage & anger
-the desire to manipulate , control & belittle my man
-an a few other shadows that were tough to witness

As a result of allowing myself to deeply meet every part of the process & not repress anything or any emotion present …continuing with the meditation & immersing myself in the teachings …

I have expanded & am experiencing now a higher octave of my frequency & my Union

Since January 1st

?I brought through a new high level course to offer , & another that’s blossoming

?Signed 4 clients

?Magnetized multiple new streams of income

?My Union has strengthened deeper than ever , we cleared major timelines that were running between us

?My partner also attracted new clients & opportunities

& we both now have even more direction & clarity on what we are building/ creating together

Before this we were going through a lot , it was tough to anchor money, I hadn’t had clients since the summer , nor had I created any offerings ….

The Solar Frequency is truly one that is creating miracles & allowing us to truly Anchor Gods grace & divine unfolding plan to anchor onto the planet

I am so grateful & excited to continue this journey with you all!

Many blessings ????”

~McKensie Brown