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Prepare yourself for miracles, love, sacred union, abundance, prosperity, favor and blessings, unlike anything you’ve experienced in your life!

In this Christ Cleanse series, we are going to explore how the power of Christ Consciousness can help you come into the highest vibration you desire to live in the activated field of miracles!

Learn about the Christ map and the true ascension process so that you are truly experiencing the new Christ template and the return of Christ in your life.

The return of Christ brings the triune nature of Christ in the heart, Christ in the Womb and Christ on the Throne when you master the Christ Avatar.

If you’ve been desiring to raise your vibration with the power of the Christ pillar, reignite your joy, shield yourself from attacks and activate your higher Christ codes to experience the miraculous, join us in this series

In this 7 class series, I will be exploring these themes:


Dr Priya & Christ Cleanse – In this class Dr. Priya teaches on the Solar Feminine Christ return on the planet and moves us through a powerful Christ Cleanse meditation.


The Christ Shield – The Christ shield is explored in this class where you learn about the Christ frame and how to protect yourself from attacks, interferences, and forces and assist you to move into your Christ ascension process to anchor the power of the Christ principle in your life.

CLASS 3 & 4

Christ Miracles & Radiance – Learn about the Christ Angels and how they can help you have supernatural miracles in your life, unlike anything you’ve had before. Learn how to call upon the power of the Christ Angels to help you have divine intervention when needed and clear any resistance that may be blocking you from living a supernatural life.


Christ Abundance – Experience the transmission of abundance like NEVER before and understand the abundance field that is the true money TREE of LIFE. Learn how to ANCHOR abundance in the physical reality and not only it as a spiritual frequency. Bring abundance in your business now.


Christ Avatar – The Christ avatar is Christ on the earth principle that helps you express the power of Christ, abundance, miracles, joy, radiance, blessings and more. This is what you use to create your joyful life The avatar is the physical map that walks with you and guides you into miracles and abundance in all areas of your life!


Electric Christ – The electric Christ gives you a new power, the organic energy source you use that also upgrades consciousness and grounds it into physical reality. The electric christ is connected to the electric grid and field that runs the universe. It is what gives the *son* or Christ energy power to sustain life and what gives you a new power source you can run your higher frequency on.

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