“Nicole is exactly the guide that I need at this point in my life to help me to step into the life that I’ve been calling for for years. I’m so grateful to be working with her and for her work.”

– Natalie Kristine


“This 6 week branding course provided the clarity and insight I needed to enhance my business from the inside out. I thoroughly enjoyed each model and the simple format. As a lifelong learner I have participated in numerous professional development programs. Many of these courses lack focus and create internal overwhelm by providing irrelevant content. As a result, I have greater awareness of my ideal client and am able to powerfully position my products and services in a highly attractive way.”

– Kristie Kennedy Ward



“Nicole is amazing! I have worked with her for 2 years now and everytime i have needed her, she has always been there. She is more than just my mentor, she is also a great friend! Thank you Nicole ❤❤”



” I am happy that I invested in the one on one coaching with you Nicole Gayle. I would have never ever though about doing a photoshoot which you suggested and look the same photos are on the site. The lead magnet you helped me with that and got further feedback in this group program. The names for the programs Rock Your Body Experience and Body Rise again were sparked from working with you “



I guess you can say your one on one coaching was the foundation for my business. A strong foundation is needed to build upon.



Then this group program propelled me to be a bit more serious about my branding which I have fallen in love with. The colours make me feel so pretty inside.




“P.S I have said this many times before and will say it again. Invest in your business if you have the dinero to spare. Stop messing around”

– Renee Crichlow



“Speaking of Rich Brand, I have recently given a performance at a dinner that was part of an annual leadership conference that is attended by some of the wealthiest business people in my country as well as national and international politicians and even royalty. Given where I am and what I’m doing now, it’s all in a day’s work. Where things lead from here only time will tell, but it’s amazing to witness the powerful way in which the intentions set around your coaching come about in the most fluid of ways.”

– Graham Rix



“Really enjoyed my interview with Nicole. She has a great personality and is dedicated to enriching and growing businesses for female entrepreneurs. Definitely check out her podcast and services!”



“It was the first time I was able to fully connect with the chakras and respective colours I felt refreshed and powerful afterwards A wonderful experience highly recommend !”




“I felt a major shift going into my memory and seeing the old memory of myself then seeing my highest aspect of myself with her there was profound!” I highly recommend her private session!!!

– Jennifer




“You touched my core Nicole. Wow. The old way of teaching focusing on the inner child. That’s where more lack and unworthiness is created wow. This just did a huge shift dear.”

– Mihaela





“All your sessions are amazing Nicole but today’s one was beyond any expectations.”

– Cristina



“This is awesome. I had sessions with Nicole in the recent past together with doing my inner work and more, and yes! now today getting introduced to jobs which includes all travel paid for plus a very abundant package. What can get better than this? And just what else is possible!? I decree: Everything in my life just keeps getting better and better boundlessly and infinitely gratitude Amen”

– Kerry