Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Dr. Priya

“Nicole has emerged as a beacon bringing light to an area of darkness that envelops most spiritual women. She is not a new age guide with a message catering to the well hackneyed ideas circulating in the new age community. Her core message is one mind altering, life changing fact- true change cannot be affected in the mind until it first takes birth in the quantum consciousness field. She has come in with a sword, tearing down lies and ignorance around what it requires to be a true queen, a divine embodiment of the feminine principle. Through her radical statements of truths hitherto unspoken, she is showing women how to die to their false constructed selves and rise into the divine feminine by honoring the immortal divine masculine principle as GOD within and entering into holy union. Only such a union can unlock the Heiros Gamos template which is the veritable keys to the kingdom. Anchoring this union within and magnetizing the union without raises a spiritual woman to the true role of the High Priestess. When such a woman begins to invoke the principle of the Immortal divine masculine, she rises above the “Goddess” construct to release archaic issues of codependency, poverty, struggle to rise as a Queen and commands wealth and manifests Abundance. Nicole in my mind has been a singular influence to share with me the principle of the High Priestess/Empress merge as a living code. I know very few women who are at the leading edge of consciousness that embody the Heiros Gamos principle truly. By activating the merge within herself, she is manifesting her abundance and guiding other women to do the same with very specific tools. I am honored to know her and have already benefited greatly with her work. And this, is only the beginning- as I intend to join the journey with this singularly inimitable, intrepid explorer of consciousness. Thank you, Nicole, for your courage, strength and your fierce purity of being.”

Elena Weber

“ I have worked with Nicole for the Timeline Repair sessions 1&2, and also the Quantum Rebirthing Sessions.  I must say I am blown away!! Nicole is an absolute powerful teacher and mentor who shows you the way to consciously change the stories and patterns of our lives.  I was able to change the pain and suffering that I felt in my old timeline into one of power and beauty. Shortly after receiving the Quantum Rebirthing session, things in my everyday life began to shift.  The relationship with my husband was more aligned with the king and provider energy. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have you as a mentor. This is next level holy work! The world needs this and I am in awe of you and your divine work.  I humbly bow. Thank you! ”

Jolene Choy

“I had a big transformation ever since I took up my personal coaching with you my Teacher Nicole Gayle. From a wounded person, you have helped  me transform and guided me to a NEW person who I am proud of myself, independent & fiercely kick off the old self and create new timelines and protected by my KING. Also the powerful Veil. I am the Mighty Queen. You have helped me to understand all my confusions and reasons of all my obstacles. I am grateful to have met you. In such a short period, you have explained all of my challenges and obstacles. You lead me to the right path. I no longer need to beg and put myself into victimization mode, self pity, self sabotaging and you even help me to heal my childhood wound. You go deep into the root cause of my wound, guided me, healed me and transformed me into a powerful Mighty Queen. Your timeline repair has reduced my pain to zero. You have taught me how to FIX myself well. A new ME before 2020 has taken my THRONE and rule it confidently in 2020 and my future. I love you Nicole. I am grateful and blessed to have you as my teacher.”

Ashley Muse

“I have worked with Nicole for a few years now and just recently joined her for business coaching.

She has provided the exact structure that I was looking for and provided the right amount of clarity I needed in order to build my brand and platform. 

There are so many things I would have never thought about so I am thankful I had her to guide me through everything. 

I am so happy I invested in coaching with her multiple times. She has never disappointed me and I will continue to work with her because she blows me away with her knowledge every single time! My life has changed because of her and I am excited to see what else there is to learn.”

Delyth Johnson

“A massive massive shout out of the highest love & respect to my next level business coach of cosmic consciousness Nicole Gayle for guiding me deeply with your depth of devotion, seeing parts of me that I couldn’t quite get too & creating huge shifts within me”

“When you ascend and take the throne, you start realizing just how powerful you were all along, because you start to remember who you are and where you came from. Nicole has the power to root Queens and groom Kingmakers. As a Queen, you not only have the power to change lives, you also get to create a life of your dreams here and now. If you are prepared to access higher codes and come into true power and sovereignty then you’ve come to the right place. Nicole has changed my life. She is the reason that I remember I am the Mighty Queen, the Royal Priestess, the Royal Daughter.”

– Shalin Kaur