Command Your Power to Attract Your Desires

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Hi there, this is Nicole Gayle, in today’s conversation I wanted to share with you a rapid manifestation technique that’s going to help to transform everything that you are doing right now when you want to manifest. More often when we are trying to manifest something, the very thing that we don’t have sits in a certain resonance, so this principle of it sitting in a certain resonance is something that you have to know as a fact, or something that you have to have an understanding about, because in order for you to get to the next step you’re going to have to raise the resonance or frequency of what you want to create with.


Let’s say that when you don’t have something, when you’re in the space of lack, the energy of fear, the energy of doubt, the energy of hopelessness, the energy of scarcity, and those types of energies that are in a very low vibration rest in a frequency, or resonance of a number two. There you are trying to meditate them, there you are trying to do affirmations, and there you are trying to do visualization, and often times this trying energy, or this wanting to come into a greater vibration or high vibration is also sitting in too low of a resonance for you to literally anchor the energy in your physical reality.


Let me just share with you a visual. When they want to get to the moon they have to use rocket fuel, they have to literally use a dynamite, and the astronauts that are going up into space are sitting on a rocket, I mean, that’s dangerous stuff. So, if you want to really create something brand new you’re going to have to be a bad ass, you’re going to have to get into the element of danger in terms of forcing this thing into your physical reality. You’re going to have to leave behind small thinking, fear, and this comfort zone that has caused you to create from a space where you are not getting what you’re wanting, and you’re going to have to up level into a complete new frequency and harness the power of the rocket fuel in your energetic body to penetrate, or to push through, or to anchor this new reality in your life.


There is no “if”, “and”, or “but”, there is no other way around this, because if you’re sitting around saying “I see doors opening in my life right now”, that frequency that you’re  trying to create with is still perhaps in the same zone as fear, as doubt, as anxiety, as scarcity, and as lack.


So, if you’re charging the energy at that rate, at a number two, you’re more than likely seeing that you’re not getting what you’re wanting because the energy needs to be charged up in a higher frequency, kept in a higher frequency, and literally be sustained in that higher frequency in order for you to get what you’re wanting. You have to now create with a completely new resonance in order for you to be able to activate the results that you want in your physical reality, and I’m going to give you some tips in how to do that.


But first, I want you to understand what it takes to create, what it takes to break through, what it takes to go to the next level, what It takes to actually create from that space. It takes a command, a demand, and a firmness in terms of not backing down, standing strong, and literally keeping that level of power in your life until whatever it is that you’re wanting aligns with that power.


And this is the next step of how you’re going to do that, because you’re going to charge it from your vibration, you’re going to command that this comes into your life.


This is a very powerful technique in how you can create. There are other aspects of this technique that makes it work even better, I call this aspect “Anchoring the vibration of the command”, but you can start with this for now, if you want to up level it you can contact me, we can work together, we literally create from another vortex of energy that is higher than this example that I’m giving you down.


You want to write this down and you want to use this every day:

“In the name of the I am that I am, I now call in my power to create, I stand in my power to create _____ now.”


So, here’s how it sounds if you want to create more abundance in your life. “In the name of the I am the I am, I now call in my power to create, I stand in my power to create abundance now.”


Then you stand in your power, don’t back down, keep creating with that mantra, keep repeating it in a certain frequency in your life every day. So, you can’t say “In the name of the I am that I am, I now call in my power to create…” don’t do that.


You want to go next level, and you want to keep it in a new resonance and in a new frequency where it has a power to break through, where it has a power to land on the moon, you get it? If they’re going to send like a little helicopter up to the moon you know that it’s going to be destroyed and it’s going to blow up, it doesn’t have the power. When they send a spacecraft up, and they send that thing up with that much power, you know that it’s going to get the result that they want.


I want to invite you now to think about where you want to be in the next month, think about where you want to be in the next two, three, four months from now. Are you going to keep creating with the version of yourself that is from a lack and scarcity? Or are you going to create with a version of yourself that is more powerful, unlimited and abundant?


I want to invite you to the latter, create with yourself, from a space that is more expansive, unlimited and abundant, and we can do this in a vibrational alignment session. I’d love to take you through this process of clearing the blocks, clearing the distortions, releasing and removing the limited beliefs, and the programming that keeps you from creating more of what you’re wanting.


Feel free to connect with me on Facebook or send me an Email [email protected]. I’d be happy to connect with you, we can even start with a complimentary call to learn a little bit more about how we need to take this to the next level.


Until next time. Thank you so much for listening, I’ll talk again soon.

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