Degrees of Feminine Consciousness

In this article, I explore the various degrees of female consciousness and the movement towards higher consciousness.

Many of us have been in one form of consciousness or sometimes we may move through various forms of consciousness depending on where we are in our soul expansion and personal journey.

Here’s a summary:

Karmic Feminine – consciousness of under 12 years old – mostly stuck in in the “toddler” mind, toxic, drama, martyr, codependent, games, vindictive, manipulation, control, cling, grasp, possessive.

Juvenile Feminine – princess, “save me” – wounded inner girl consciousness, entitled mindset, stubborn and resistant to change, places blame on the outside of self, very little healthy boundaries with energy, and often stuck in the shadow aspect of self. Gives energy over to any thing that seeks her attention or seeks to “love her” – wants to be “kissed” and woken up. Waiting on a man, places others ahead of self. Complains, whines, emotional venting, crisis, bleeds energy and wants to stay possessed by an energy she feels familiarity with.

Awakening Feminine – awareness to honor self more deeply, moving into higher levels of female spirituality consciousness, coming aware of inner self, wounds, traumas, desiring integration and healing

Goddess Feminine – have accessed higher forms of self identity and awareness, but most often not integrated with inner masculine within self. Spiritual yet may be “disconnected” from embodiment in physical reality, example, meditate but may not be able to “manifest” – Still may be in very masculine energy, have many inner wounded masculine fractures patterned within self that hasn’t been fully integrated, overworked, over analyze, emasculating to male energy, projects on “men” as the problem, social justice warrior, “warrior” of causes, may still be disconnected from grace

Divine Feminine – the mighty queen feminine, deeper connection to grace, power, strength, truth, leadership/purpose, global magnetism, integrating inner feminine and inner masculine, inner child, integrating wealth codes/abundance, intuitive/mystery mastery, mastering subconscious mind/patterning, empress energy, integrating sovereignty and encoding royal templates so that external world matches that royal energy.


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