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Get the Devotion to the King Program Now
We start August 10th
Get the Devotion to the King Program Now


If you KNOW deep in your soul that you were born to be in deep devotion to God and invite a King in devotion, this is for you!

Women from the Lover/Priestess line require more…they require their own commitment to devotion and they are deeply devoted to creating with King Consciousness in their lives.

They do not want to settle with anything less than a KING

Yet, they may face many years of hardships when it comes to magnetizing men with King Consciousness and struggle with placing average men before their devotional code.

Deep on the inside, they are always receiving the calling to return to their devotion.

They know there is a place in God where breakthroughs begin, a secret place where the glory of God dwells, the holy chamber where they commune with the beloved and the garden of miracles that flows from this – They know that all they ever wanted from God and the masculine requires returning to their sacred vow in deep holy devotion.

Join us as we journey to the secret place and experience the life-changing Power of GOD through sacred devotion

If you’ve spent a lifetime feeling your deepest devotion and desiring to have this need met, if you’ve experienced deep, soul-crushing rejection and abandonment as a repeating cycle in your life, if you’ve had a longing to be with the ONE only to feel like you are never lucky in love, it could be that you are a woman from the Lover/Priestess lineage who has a signature of the sacred vow.

Your sacred vow signature was given to you by GOD

Because of trauma and wounding, many women from the Lover/Priestess path end up with a broken devotional template giving their vow to mortals instead of returning their sacred vow to the King.

A lack of having your sacred vow aligned to the right principle causes a devotional crisis – the kind that can keep you perpetually aching for yourself to be filled with the love and devotion from a man without experiencing being royally cherished and deeply loved.

Return your Devotion To The King and restore your devotional template

No matter how many years it’s been since you were in a relationship that made you feel you are deeply cherished by a King, you have the opportunity to create your own KING ALTAR and enter the path of your true devotional energy to the correct principle.

Living as devotion itself will have your life changed.

You will see it reflected in all areas of your life. This includes your relationship with yourself, your relationship with the masculine, your relationship to your mission, money, abundance, and success.

The path of your true devotional energy helps to heal external devotion in your physical reality.

True KINGS *only* choose women who are in devotion to themselves and GOD

A man who knows you as a devotional woman – a woman after God’s heart becomes a man who’s radically changed towards his understanding of your devotion.

When a man witnesses your devotion to your sacred vow, it inspires him towards greater devotion because men are created to recognize the law of devotion and that your devotion isn’t meant to be given to mortals as primary but to God.

If you’ve been trying to toil and use your own strength to receive devotion in life, now is the time to activate the spirit of God to move on your behalf as you deepen your devotion to King Consciousness.

I’m looking for women who want to experience their HOLY MOMENT – who are supremely in devotion to King Consciousness, who are about radical devotion to the holy one, who only want KINGS in their lives.

If you’re the kind of woman ready to activate the spirit of God to move on your behalf, who will not stop until you see your life radically changed, who will not give up until you see blessings flow from the throne of God, join us and be forever changed.

The Devotion to The King Program will take you on a journey to deepen your devotion to King Consciousness which also includes receiving a BONUS 7 nights of the Devotional Woman Workshop so you can be in the sacred place for God to move in your life in a powerful way.

This experience is for women who are choosing their alignment with KINGS.

Here’s what you will receive in the group program:


Activation of King Consciousness


King Ascension and Attraction


The Veil and the Altar


The Sacred Vow & Miracles of the King


The Devotional Map and King Union

Join me with Guest Teacher Sandy Newton, a King Worshipper and Lover devoted to King Consciousness.

Receive The Devotional Woman Immersion When You Sign Up Now

When you sign up now, you will receive the BONUS Devotional Woman Workshop Immersion – 7 nights of sacred surrender and holy activations to deepen your devotional experience.

Here’s what’s inside the Devotional Woman Workshop Immersion:

✔ Night 1 – Holy Activation
✔ Night 2 – Heart Purification
✔ Night 3 – Sacred Sanctification
✔ Night 4 – Divine Submission
✔ Night 5 – Living Transformation
✔ Night 6 – Loving Dedication
✔ Night 7 – Sacred Inner Union

You have a chance to attend the Devotion to The King program as a self-healing experience or take your experience deeper by also choosing to learn how to be a King Temple Practitioner


I am so thankful to Nicole, who walked me through the stunning devotional codes modality. Nicole brought me into a special space where, I was able to acknowledge shadow aspects of my devotion to God and be able to transform it. This beautiful modality has helped me restore my true devotion and my sacred holy vow to the rightful King. It has definitely transformed my heart!

– Hanna Myschkowski


Get the Devotion to the King Program Now
We start August 10th
Get the Devotion to the King Program Now

Self  Healing  Track

Now is the time to heal and restore your sacred vow.

The devotional woman is the woman who’s willing to go all the WAY with God, whose deepest heart and soul are about seeking the face of God, who sets aside time in communion with God and who spends time in the throne room with God who enters in moving the hand of God to receive miracles in her life.

Enter the Secret & Deepen Your Devotion to King Consciousness

Be Forever Changed


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