Warning: This post is energetically activating and may cause triggers

Everything I am about to share with you may go up against all of the neatly button up programs, nice girl mindsets, door mat behaviors, co dependent toxicity and all the lingering bullshit keeping many women stuck as slaves, begging, hoping, wishing, pining, longing, promoting unconditional love as a way of making yourself a savior, martyr, princess who want to be kissed and woken up, feeling like they are going to snap and out of your mind on a regular basis.

All of the above qualities are about POSSESSION – and the reason why if you’re stuck feeling like you’re fucked out of your mind on a man, you don’t have the energetic capacity to make your OWN life rich, arousing, magical, beautiful, engaging, radiant, and holy. You feel broke, like you’re always trying to make ends meet with your money, in your mind, in your heart, in your soul, and in your life.

The man you want right now is not in alignment with you, no matter how much you call him your divine masculine, or think he’s the “one” for you, or think he’s your soul mate, twin flame, feel that spirit want you to be together and your spirit guides telling you that you’re meant to be.

He’s PULLED his energy from you, but you are energetically depleted because your energy is STILL over there with him, engulfing him, drowning him, instead of it serving your life, allowing for your juiciness to flow, allowing for your enchanting nature to rise, allowing for you to truly, madly, deeply hold your HOT power in your bosom and your soul and create the life of your dreams.

This is counterintuitive to the nature of the feminine that’s in her pain body, her deeply co-dependent misery and fixer complex but DUMPING him from your heart, mind, soul and energy is exactly what you need to do right now.

This is FULL energetic alignment.

To be an actual mirror to a man, you match his energy in the same way he’s reflecting it to you, if he’s not white hot devoted to you, you don’t take your crown off and beg him to be with you, and this means you also PULL all of your energy back to YOURSELF and completely let go into the fullest potency of surrender to your SOUL where it can marry the DIVINE in you and access your royal TEMPLATE once again.

If you’ve been looking for a way, trying to figure out WHY you feel stuck, drained, disconnected and always filled with grief and pain, it’s because you haven’t called ALL of your power back from the “man” you are constantly crying over, pining over, and hoping to rescue you.

It’s not unloving to do, it’s LOVE – when you understand that the MOST loving thing you can do for YOU is to flush all of your own distortions out of yourself that’s killing you from the CORE and stop saying woo-woo ish that you’re “holding space in your heart for him” – but you’re actually energetically DEAD and find it hard to create life in your life, all this means is YOU are not holding space in your heart for you and you are NOT in your heart, nor have you taken the throne of your own heart.

NO man can be king to you if you haven’t taken the THRONE of your own heart. NO MAN.

Anything less is pulling at trying to make him your slave, refusing to allow for him to RISE into his greatness without you, completely letting him move through what it takes to rise with you, without you taking the credit because you need the validation.

Rising into your own sovereignty is the invitation CODE for him – it is the “invitation” call for a man to command his kingship as he follows this energy line within you

Turn completely towards your holy power, looking at your light, gazing only at your reflection, carrying ONLY your energy, coming alive with the divine in you, integrating your divine feminine codes and THAT is the invitation call for a worthy man who’s devotion to you is holy, strong and mighty.

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Divine Blessings,

Nicole xo


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