Female pain body can't initiate a man into King Codes

Women often have a pain body at the:

Collective level
Generational level
Experiential level

Primarily, many women are trying to initiate men with their pain body – giving a man devotion or falling in love with him hoping that that energy of love will move him into deeper devotion towards her.

Deep unprocessed feminine energy in the pain body cannot initiate a man into his King Codes or move him higher into his inner masculine self.

This pain body is often filled with unprocessed hurt, grief, fears, abandonment, rejection, obsession, triggers, reactivity, anger, compulsions, rage, mistrust, emasculation, combativeness, and competition.

For a woman to carry the energy where she can build with a divine masculine, she has to look at healing her active pain body so she can be more harmonious since a deeply unprocessed pain body can’t allow for harmonious masculine feminine dynamics.

In other words, a female in her deep toxic pain and unwilling to move it can’t handle a King in his greatness, she will try to bring war to his Kingdom and distract him from his mission.

Masculine energy also must initiate beyond it’s lower energy body to handle the capacity of the women in her sovereignty.

Masculine often goes through rites of passages and NEEDS to in order to carry the covenant codes deeper within him: Covenant Code: I am ready to build with God and You.

When a woman does the throne work to move beyond a deeply active pain body, she can meet the man with the covenant codes in her deepest surrender and power.

-Nicole Gayle

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