Become a Practitioner of the Brand New Future Womb Modality

Train in as little as 2 hours and receive certification to use with clients and earn an income.

In this brand new modality, you will learn how to activate the power of your future womb to create all you desire in your life.

In the Future Womb, you will learn how to use the power of the solar feminine christ to recode the womb as the holy chalice and how to birth new codes from your future timeline.

You will show clients how to clear the womb’s timeline, collapse distortions and how to access their womb records from the future womb and install the new womb consciousness as the womb of Sophia.

In Future Womb, you learn how to transfer the consciousness of the Holy Mother Arc back into your womb of sophia so that it is operating as a new portal.

Learn Future Womb in a 2 hour zoom class training. Attend LIVE or get the replay and train in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

Date: Wed. April 20th

You will receive a personal email with zoom log in details as well as training details before the training session.

Here’s a summary of what you will also learn when you choose the full pay or payment plan:

Quantum Initiation

In Quantum Initiation you learn how to do energetic assessment & event analysis for your clients – exploring imprinting, beliefs, experiences, soul fractures and memories that led to separation consciousness.

Quantum Meditation

Quantum Meditation helps to access God-consciousness and moves through the 12 levels of consciousness. It helps to access the state of awareness as pure consciousness helping to heal emotional blocks and reconnect back to the body, self and source.

Quantum Rebirthing

Quantum Rebirthing allows you to travel back in time to the womb space of your mother revisiting the signature of how you were informed on multiple energy levels including genetic transference from DNA, unresolved soul level imprints, epigenetic formation from your mother’s emotional states and what was received within your energetic makeup that may have contributed to being born with trauma imprints and wounding. This modality helps you access the “self” through the energy of the multidimensional avatar that is timeless. You are able to allow for your multidimensional self to witness “trauma” as well as “rebirth” you – coming from the timeline of moving into the world in a powerless state and now having the opportunity to rebirth from the consciousness of the higher self, connected to source energy. You can also choose to be reborn into any archetypes, persona, characteristics, or energy imprints.


Q: Do I need to have previous practitioner training to take your Future Womb Modality?
A: No, you do not need any previous quantum practitioner training to take the Future Womb Modality Training. You will learn the quantum foundations so that you understand the Quantum Healing principles created by Nicole Gayle.
Q: How is this different from your other quantum training?
A: This is a brand new modality and will access the consciousness of the womb in a unique way with different frequencies to help you and your client access your future womb’s timeline.
Q: How quickly do I become certified?

A: As soon as you learn the modality, you choose a practice client, record it with your practice client, send it in for review and when approved you can start using it right away. You will also receive a certification badge from our School of Quantum Healing.

Q: Can I just learn this for my own healing process?

A: Yes you can, just attend the training and receive access to the step by step healing process you can use for your own personal healing.


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