Experience the Solar Womb in the Holy Womb Temple Home Study Program

Dear Divine Feminine,

It’s time for FULL womb guardianship to be restored to women.

And for you to give birth to ALL of your desires – holding the power to create from your womb in your relationships, your money, your business, your career and your health.

This is the year of womb power – unlike anything that’s ever been before and the divine feminine is now fully claiming her powerful RIGHT to be fully expressed from her sovereign womb.







I created a space for you to fully heal your womb, experience womb union, clear blocks in your womb space and help you unleash your power.
Your Power to Birth. Your Power to Create. Your Power to Thrive

In the Holy Womb Temple, we are going to explore the womb portals both spiritually and biologically, helping you come back into alignment with your body, womb and life.

With Special Guest Teacher Thea Satrom

Thea Satrom is a Licensed Massage Therapist and proud owner of Solar Womb. Her mission is to help women awaken to the True Power of their wombs (whether they still have their physical womb or not).

Self-care starts with body literacy. Body literacy is the first step to having control over your own health and wellness. This requires a basic understanding of female reproductive anatomy and uterine positions (signs, symptoms, and causes of a displaced uterus). Structure determines function and the flows (venous, arterial, nervous, lymph, and Qi) must flow if you want to obtain optimal health. She teaches these basics, as well as sacred tools such as abdominal massage, pelvic steaming, castor oil packs, and yoga therapy. Once blockages are removed and the body is provided with proper ingredients, it can start to heal itself.

Beyond the physical, the womb is a potent source of creation. Thea helps her clients create a new consciousness within their womb in order to transcend the traumas or limitations of the past. Her wish is for every woman to connect to the sovereign power that resides within their womb (or the energy that remains there). Thea’s offerings – Quantum Healing, Solar Activations, and Inner Masculine Alchemy – all provide ways to tap into that power.

Services are available both in-person and online. Find her at theasatrom.simplybook.me to schedule an individual session or package of sessions. Have questions? Not sure where to start? Book a free initial consultation to learn more.

Here’s what you will receive when you register right now:


  • Full Access to the Holy Womb Temple 7 Week Program
  • Workbooks to follow along with your womb healing
  • Glossary to deepen your understanding of the holy womb pathways
  • Solar Womb Gates class with Thea Satrom
  • Solar Womb Pathways class with Dr. Priya, MD
  • Bonus: Womb Detox Program

What Others Are Saying…

“My experience with Nicole has resulted in instant empowerment and shifts that are propelling me through blockages resulting in immediate improvement and success in a variety of areas in my life. I highly recommend her training and courses to anyone who is ready to embrace the unfolding of their highest potentials.”

– Ashley Rose

“Thank you for your time. Thank you for confirming my life’s calling and purpose. Thank you for Revelation and divine timing on what needs to align with purpose.”

– Renee Sunday

“I have grown so much in the last 5 weeks and I am so grateful. I feel continuous support from Nicole. She is attentive to my emails and answers questions clearly and timely. I am already seeing definite results.”

– Laura Godfrey

“Hello ladies,

I am wanting to share some of the massive shifts i am witnessing since working with the Electric Christ Seed meditation & being apart of the Holy Womb Temple

I began January 1st

I have experienced huge clearings of the lunar energies & matrix , the process has not been the easiest but I knew that it has all been for my highest good

During this process I had a lot of energies arise
-rage & anger
-the desire to manipulate , control & belittle my man
-an a few other shadows that were tough to witness

As a result of allowing myself to deeply meet every part of the process & not repress anything or any emotion present …continuing with the meditation & immersing myself in the teachings …

I have expanded & am experiencing now a higher octave of my frequency & my Union

Since January 1st

I brought through a new high level course to offer , & another that’s blossoming

Signed 4 clients

Magnetized multiple new streams of income

My Union has strengthened deeper than ever , we cleared major timelines that were running between us

My partner also attracted new clients & opportunities

& we both now have even more direction & clarity on what we are building/ creating together

Before this we were going through a lot , it was tough to anchor money, I hadn’t had clients since the summer , nor had I created any offerings ….

The Solar Frequency is truly one that is creating miracles & allowing us to truly Anchor Gods grace & divine unfolding plan to anchor onto the planet

I am so grateful & excited to continue this journey with you all!

Many blessings ”

~McKensie Brown

“A testimonial with the timeline repair 1,

I suffered a really bad panic attack as a child that whenever I experience that I unconsciously perceive as similar to it I experience really bad tremors to the point where people think I’m just freezing. When in reality, I just cant move out of fear, mentally and physically shutting down. I took myself through the timeline repair 1 modality, which at the moment was terrifying and I cried going through it, but now I no longer experience the tremors anymore. I still need to work through some things though regarding the experience but the tremors was the biggest thing holding me back.”

– Robinson Donazal







 Holy Womb Temple Schedule 

Class 1

Womb Timelines, Trauma Healing & Solar Consciousness – Nicole Gayle

Class 2

Solar Womb Gates and Solar Activation – Thea Satrom

Class 3

Womb Portals and Timeline Repair – Nicole Gayle

Class 4

Electric Womb and Electric Grid with Mother Arch – Nicole Gayle

Class 5

Electric Womb Follow Up Modality and Q&A – Nicole Gayle
Class 6
Solar Womb Pathways and Cosmic Consciousness – Dr. Priya

Class 7

Diamond Womb and Christ Shield – Nicole Gayle














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