How to Have Money Flow from The Throne

Empty pocket syndrome is common for many women who feel an epic life long struggle with money. I have many women write me or share on the pattern of not having money show up for them in the way they like, they feel stuck, they feel broke, they feel like they are always chasing it, struggling, toiling, hoping for it, they don’t attract the money they want in their lives or the clients they want in their business and they feel absolutely unnerved about always feeling like they can’t make ends meet.

I can relate to this as a historic pattern in my life, because in many ways, I felt like my potential to create was being hijacked and no matter how hard I tried, I just never had a sweet cosmic flow of juicy magic money raining all over my life…until something changed.

What changed for me is my HERO program – I HAD to heal my inner masculine – that was part of my history and ancient lineage of soul sucking destruction from having been violated, captured, destroyed and left for dead by masculine energy – I had to make PEACE with it and it came with me having to go into a completely new and different money law – being devoted to the cosmic cock

Your struggle with money is primarily this: You haven’t made peace with the PROVIDER – and I mean the inner masculine hero within yourself and the external divine masculine principle of provision in the universe.

On some level, you’re still at WAR – and so whatever flows to you, does not flow from the Throne.

For me now, the throne GIVES me money on ALL realms because I serve the throne in the correct principle.

If you want royal money, you will have to heal your relationship to it – and primarily, leave EVERY little girl kinda trying to beg for money mindset behind and do YOUR throne work. You must become ROYAL and in order to do this, you will need to begin creating with the COSMIC masculine – not *just* your feminine energy, because it’s the masculine who is provider for you on ALL realms.

Case in point: A client of mine recently had someone sign up for her program and *PAID IN FULL* which has never happened for her before and part of her process was to begin to look at some deeper programs within her own psyche – an aversion to the cock.

If you have an aversion to the cock, on some level still feeling victimized by male energy, you will subconsciously sabotage your money magic ability. And if you only have one principle at work in you – your feminine energy – you think it’s the goddess that’s going to make you rich, if you are only worshipping her, she may help you somewhat, but like many spiritual women and goddess worshippers, their programs are empty, no one is showing up in their church, they are chasing people to work with them, they are not making MIGHTY money, they aren’t attracting the kind of money they really want in their lives and they may feel like they are riding high only to CRASH down low because they aren’t fully integrated with sacred money codes that allows for both their masculine and feminine principle to create for them on a level that spoils them.

Your money codes that was designed from a system of suffering and pain, lack and scarcity, must be redesigned, into the energy of money dominion and that ability to come into dominion over money is also the ability to have a GOOD relationship to your power and live in a place of devotion to the consciousness of money which is the divine masculine provider principle.

Yes you can “work” as a woman, and you can “earn” your way, but may do so with TOIL and like your nervous system is always on the FRY. To come into another level of money, your inner money codes – the hero in you – the part of yourself that TALKS to your money must be erected in you and devotion to the KING as the provider.

-Nicole Gayle

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