Is your business blocked from more money?

Is your business blocked from manifesting and making more money?

If you want to start or grow your business and you find that no matter how much you try, how hard you work and how gifted you are, you’re STILL stuck with not regularly attracting the right kinds of clients or customers, here are a few things I’d like to share for your reflection.

Your Business Archetype

Your business archetype is the original template that you are to move into as you do business. If you are not aligned with this template, example, if you’re really a priestess power template and you’re trying to operate as the out of balance mother, by always accommodating, nurturing people, nursing them and giving them milk, saying pretty quotes on facebook hoping to land clients, spending tons of time in your inbox “answering” questions and giving “advice”, always giving people “discounts” because you feel sorry for them, you will not have the impact you truly want to have in your business. When you operate outside your archetype, you’re truly afraid to own your power and worth. Move into your true business archetype and see your business light up and go viral.

Your Business Soul

The spiritual part of you that’s connected to source energy in a specific template and to the groups of people or tribe you belong to. The aspect of your consciousness that may be unresolved at a deep level. Example, at a soul level memory, you received a deep trauma, you were deeply betrayed by your former colleagues or tribe in a previous incarnation, you were gifted and had a following but became a slave, or you were killed for getting the support of the people helping to bring awareness and speaking your truth. In this incarnation, you have unresolved soul level issues and therefore you are carrying the karmic imprinting of this in your business.

Your soul is still fractured and it’s creating with the same energy in your business. Your business isn’t receiving the full potency of your soul power because it’s TIED up from this unresolved conflict you haven’t fully resolved within you. Example: You treat your business like a hobby, you start and stop, you’re not all in, you’re more concerned with other people’s opinions. Resolve your soul karma and make new agreements at the soul level.

Your Business Frequency

The consciousness or vibration that is coming through from your business. If you are trying to “do” business and always feeling stuck, your business isn’t in the correct frequency that is causing you to move into higher and higher levels of divine compensation. More than likely, your templates are still in the 3D consciousness – struggle, attracting toxic people, competing, hustle, lack, fear, pain, hardship, lack of harmony, lack of support, etc. and not in the empress codes.

You need to RECODE your business so that it is operating in a higher 5D spiritual consciousness and pulling the energy from a higher field within you while also getting spiritual business coaching to have the real-world strategies and systems to support your business elevation.
This requires epic devotion at the deepest soul level where your anointing can be carried into hearts and souls to liberate those who are ready.

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