If you’re a man showing up in my inbox (or my world) and you’re telling me about what you’re going through with a woman in your life, I may smile, nod my head as though I’m listening…but really I want God to KILL you.

I want you slayed, on your knees, destroyed, completely broken from the system that tells you that you need to run to mommy to save and coddle you, that you are a helpless little boy who don’t know who you are.

I want you DEAD and DEADED…all the way through, until your triumphant King rise in you, because you’ve fallen on the rock of the great builder and was CRUSHED or being crushed on some level.

I want you shaking, trembling, on your NEEDS/KNEES before God, crying out at 3am in the morning to deliver you into your greatness, to release you into your holiness and wrestling with the GREAT I AM until you walk away with a limp because a mark was left on you and then thrown in the fire until you see the 4th man in yourself.

I want you completely UNDONE, until the children on the other side of the world can hear you praying for them, because you WILL not STOP, can FEEL you tarrying for them with your sweat and blood, tears dripping down your face, until it becomes like magic water that can feed the thirsty and this blessed water quench the thirst of the generation ahead of you.

If you come to me, expect to leave like a DEAD man because while you’re talking, while you’re sharing, I am praying and commanding god to KILL you.

-Nicole Gayle

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