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 Here’s what you will learn in the program 

Module 1

Collapsing the Curse and Corrupted Money Codes – In this module, you will go into the inverted systems created to harvest your power to make more money and release your deep money shadows that are blocking you from creating more money in your life. Experience a money detox – release toxic and unhealthy programming and habits forever.

Module 2

Mapping Your Money DNA – Learn how to access the DNA of money and the creation codes where you design and land your money avatar. Learn to design money from the Quantum Field.

Module 3

Your Money Domes – Build your money domes so that you are creating in the 8 realms of money and get a strategic money plan.

Module 4

Inner money alchemy – Learn the tool that has helped hundreds of women change their money story forever. Since money is masculine, you will learn the alchemical process that helps you build the power to create money in your life and be the forever bank.

Module 5

Money Marriage – Learn the tool that helps you come into union with your Queen and King so that you are creating money from the sacred inner marriage of your unified self.

Module 6

Wealth Creation and Activation – Learn the tool to go from the house of poverty to the house of wealth and create from a new money house.

Module 7

Your Legacy and Generational Wealth – Establish your legacy and generational portal. Harmonize your revenue and assets for creating multi-generational wealth. Learn the rapid abundance ascension tool to help you magnetize money and activate your legacy codes.