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it’s time to leave the grind behind and enter into a new paradigm of soulful sales and radiant riches.

On average, modern women spend over 50 hours a week in the grind whether in their careers or in their online business.

This can lead to massive depletion, imbalance, burn out and collapse.

I’m inviting you into a NEW higher way to be in business from your feminine money pole where you are

Relaxed, Rested, and Rich.

In this gorgeous NEW LIVE mini-mastermind, I will take you on a journey where you step away from the grind, hustle and self-sacrifice into a sustainable business with your magnetic feminine power to invite in your dream clients on repeat.

I’m going to show you how to move into the powerful energy of:

Letting go of the constant self-sacrifice and feelings of undeservingness that drives women to the brink of burn out and collapse into your radiant feminine system. You come into a place of calm, cashed-up and centered where you are opening up to the well-being of abundance and its unlimited flow in your life and business. You relax into receiving, tap into your feminine superpowers, magnetism and leave the hustle and struggle behind. You no longer have to live in the masculine of chasing, pushing, or the chronic anxiety of worry and depletion while trying to scale your business.

Create Space. Step away from the traditional ideas of success being about constantly needing to exchange your time for money and end up in the sacrifice, hustle and grind loop. Allow yourself to open to grace and its unlimited flow through your body where you are so deeply nourished while receiving sales and your dream clients. Open to a business that truly allows you the freedom to be present with life, your family, and those you love while you make money on repeat.

Make bank with more ease. No more overworking while undercharging. Enter into your legacy wealth. Invite in the wealth liberation and freedom that supports your feminine money system and how to lead your audience into the ascension money process for higher paying clients and unlimited money flow.

Say NO to burnout and constantly living in a feast/famine loop TO getting your high-income months.


  Want to experience the feminine vertical sales process while having your freedom and time back?

  Desire a business that truly supports you being replenished and rested where you are in your magic and joy to serve in a big way?

  Want to know the exact systems I have in place that has brought me over 400K in online sales?

  Desire to shift into your highest wealth liberation frequency and position your business for divine femme cashflow days?

You don’t need to PUT in more work. You just need to have a feminine money system that does MORE of the work for you.

Nicole Gayle

After years of struggling in my business, I became a self-made millionaire within 3 years, but about a year and a half ago, my business almost came to a halt when I started to experience extreme hormonal imbalance.

I felt devastated.

While going through the process, I had sleepless nights, dizzy spells, extreme panic attacks up to 4 per day, emergency room visits and severe chest pains that made me feel like I was going to crash over and over again.

I had to find a way to heal my hormones and feminine energy while also making money in business.

That’s when I decided that I was going to create a feminine money system that implemented more automation and ease into my business.

And in 2022, I had over 800 sales in my business.

This led me to discover the feminine money pole and my life has never been the same.

Along with mastering more of the feminine money pole and teaching women about feminine money polarity, I want to help you experience wealth liberation, elevate your Feminine Money System and experience supreme financial sovereignty in their life and business.

Sign Up Now and Get 24 Hour On Demand Access to My Relaxed, Rested & Rich Mastermind.

 This offer is only available for 24 hours.

Sign Me Up Now
This offer is only available for 24 hours.

Questions For Nicole?
Email Me:  [email protected]

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