An 8 Week Temple Program For Women Returning To Their Sacred Vow

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In 2018 I had the most devastating experience that challenged everything I knew about my devotion to God.

I felt like I was left in a horrible pit and entered into a dark night of the soul.

I felt like I was abandoned by God.

I felt like I was lost.

I felt like I couldn’t find my way.

I was also in a deep money crisis and my relationship was spiraling. I felt like I was losing everything and on a daily basis was trying to come up for air.

I had ONE choice to make…I was either going to live my life numb, broke, lost, disconnected and feeling like a total failure or I was going to come into the new covenant and experience God UNLIKE anything I had experienced before.

I entered into what I would call a “devotional obsession” – I spent hours in the chamber, hours in my inner world, hours in seeking God’s power to show up in my life until I SAW my life change and I was NEVER the same again.

Because of my devotional obsession, I accessed a space in God that caused my life to experience multidimensional power and healing, I was now living from the NEW covenant.

This Is Your Call

This is a call for the women who want the whole of God and know so deep in their heart of hearts that nothing else will do.

This is a call for the women who are seeking to reclaim their holy anointing, who are willing to learn their deepest surrender, who are desiring to come and bow down in sacred worship so they can be filled with God’s holy power in all areas of their lives.

This is the year that women who are after God, come together to seek God’s face, to know God’s power in their lives unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

This is the moment when women capture their vow and no longer place mortals on the altar but choose the path of sacred devotion.

Enter into the holy chamber and reclaim your devotion

Now is the time, more than ever to return to the path of sacred devotion, to create a sacred practice in your life and lead your life with the spirit of God, entering into the holy chamber, creating a larger space in your life for God’s spirit to move on your behalf.

And because there are women who will not stop until they find themselves knee deep in reverence and worship and having God fill all of their places, I’ve created a temple space for us.

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You are a woman who’s always had a deep impulse of devotion within your soul, who craves and lives to give your devotion and ache to feel the communion of the beloved in your life.

Yet…you’ve felt trapped in a cycle of a devotional bleed.

You keep facing patterns in your life where you do not feel deeply cherished, adored, fiercely loved, like the beloved, the one, the chosen…

And you’ve been trying to inspire devotion to return to you and felt like your spirituality is enough to assist you to heal the break in a deeper way.

And even though you’ve been attempting to inspire devotion and mutual commitment, you feel stuck in a loop and cycle that feels almost like it’s a karmic – a deeper soul conflict that feels like it keeps playing out in your life over and over again.

There is NO life in giving your devotion only to a man

You may experience the deepest pain and wounding I call a devotional crisis – the soul-crushing, heart-wrenching pain from loving so deep it rips your heart out.

This is when for years you keep giving your all, your soul and body over to a man only to have yourself feel so drained, collapsed and empty hoping to be filled up by his love

You may then drop into your shadows of anger, rage, addiction, yearning, longing, hoping and neediness for him to be ONE when the true beloved awaits you and keeps beckoning you to come.

What this pattern helps you see is there is no life in giving your devotion and leaving yourself broken.

There is a devotional path and it’s not giving your worship to false gods, and when you make him your god he’s a fake god.

Fake gods will leave you bleeding, suffering and perpetually in pain because your system was never made to create with that.

Your sacred vow does not belong to false gods. It belongs to the King.

Return to the King and live. This is the power that can raise you up from your broken places.

There is NO life in mortals

Releasing False Devotion FOREVER

It is my duty to help women heal from false devotion and come into true devotion that sets them free.

The pain of false devotion is too great.

False devotion has stolen years and years of joy and happiness from women.

Years and years of devastation and feelings of lack, loss, unworthiness, and suffering.

Programmed that suffering is normal from giving their All, self abandoning, begging, hoping, waiting, rejection and abandonment, many women now feel such alienation from their own covenant that they live out their lives in a feeling of being frazzled, heartbroken, and duped.

No More

We must create a generation where women have the deepest sovereign selves intact. And this is a generation of returning to the new covenant and no longer worshipping false systems and beliefs.

Because God did not make you to live like a slave to your devotion, you were made to live in royal freedom and That is your birthright.

The Call to Return to Deeper Devotion

Enter the new covenant and explore your sacred devotion, soak sessions, prayer, consecration and allow God to perfume your life.

Let all of God in, until all of your life is changed. Forever.

Devotion is the force, without it nothing, Nothing else will move into a higher portal. Desire cannot even be truly birthed at a royal level without devotion.