Dear Sovereign Woman,


There’s a spark that’s being lit in the hearts of women worldwide. We are desiring to live in a greater embodiment of our holy power. And we will not back down from this. This is our moment.

You’re here because you feel this spark, you want to access something far beyond where you’ve been before, reach higher, ascend into more of who you are and leap into the diva light of living as a heroine.

My story so far…

I haven’t always felt like a sovereign woman…or lived as one. In fact, I lived many years of my life being enslaved by programming and ideas that kept me feeling disempowered. I’ve felt powerless, held back, stuck, destroyed and done. I’ve felt alone, unsupported, unloved and broke.

I’ve had to access greater parts of myself through deep sacred practices and taking practical inspired action so that I am holding the energy and mindset of a woman who desires to live as a Mighty Queen, moving towards world class inner world and living. I believe all women deserve to live in her Fempress power, heal her life, rise into greater wealth, enjoy her freedom, and make a difference in the world.

I’m here to help you learn how to reprogram your energy and life so you can live in your world class holy power, your quantum leap, so that you can experience deep divine love and loving relationships, so you can scale to your worthy wealth blueprint and harness all of your holy power to create your beautiful life.

Let’s connect and explore your deepest intentions in a complimentary discovery call.

Sovereign Services & Divine Feminine Programs

Sovereign Services & Divine Feminine Programs

Throne Work Starter Program


It’s time to take the Throne. Start your journey towards taking the Throne, rise into your sovereignty, reclaim your sacred vow, heal your relationship to your divine power, the pain body, and relationship to men to come into your sacred inner codes of true royal power.

Throne Work Level 1 Program


Take your sovereignty into Cosmic Queenhood and move into an even deeper template around your Divine Feminine power. Throne work level 1 program will help you reclaim your true divine power and move into your authentic divine inheritance. This container is creating with more royal devotion to living as the Mighty Queen – where you learn how to live as the COMMAND – the Divine Feminine power to LEAD God towards your deepest desires on all realms.

Divine Feminine Level 2


The Divine Feminine Level 2 program is an invitation only program set in a high sacred container for women who want to master the high organic laws of creating with Throne Power, King and Queen Laws, Hieros Gamos Codes, Exalted Devotion to the Divine Masculine Principle, Radiant Power, Sovereign Templates, Legacy Codes, Feminine Leadership, Wealth Dominion, Abundance Blueprints, and more. This program has limited spots available throughout the year.

Soul Business Profits Coaching Program


Enter a new code of creation in business and join the women who are starting, growing and scaling their online business from the energy of the Legacy Code Carrier and the Divine Feminine Wealth Frequency. The Soul Business Profits Coaching program will help you create a business that has cosmic impact on all realms. As an Entrepreneur who’s been in business online for over 10 years, I can guide you towards your online success. Learn how to create business from the unified field, next level archetypal branding, marketing with impact, generate multiple revenue streams and strategies that will position your business, heart, soul and mind leaving an unforgettable impact in the lives of those you are called to serve and for generations to come.

Throne Money


Learn how to create royal wealth through my money and abundance program and how to have money flow from the Throne of God. The principles in this program assisted me to make 20K plus months in my business organically after starting over from scratch several months ago – being in the quantum and royal money frequency to attract and manifest from my Sovereign line. Clients learn how to create from a new divine money frequency, design with quantum timelines, activate the energy of abundance in the unified field consciousness, create new money laws and live in the true Divine Feminine Wealth Codes with Money.

Quantum Inner Healing


Heal your life using quantum codes and principles that will help you create with your multidimensional self. Quantum codes are based on the laws of quantum physics, using the principle of energy that has the potential to remove, release and heal within alternate timelines. An example of this is having a trauma in your life but only looking at the trauma from the limiting victim consciousness instead of realizing that there was more than one of you present during that trauma based on quantum laws as the ability to create with multiple possibilities in any moment. Learn about Quantum inner child healing, quantum rebirthing, and repairing timelines for living in your divine power.

Before doing throne work with Nicole, I had no idea how to move through some of these pieces on a very deep and intimate level within myself. Integrating my masculine/feminine in this way is a gamechanger in every area of my life. My Everything has upgraded and elevated in consciousness." - Jacqueline L. Robinson

"When you ascend and take the throne, you start realising just how powerful you were all along, because you start to remember who you are and where you came from. Nicole has the power to root Queens and groom Kingmakers." - Shalin Kaur

"Nicole is an amazing teacher! Taking her Quantum Soul Healing Course has shifted my perspective and has helped me clear blockages that have kept me stuck and paralyzed in fear of the unknown." - Jennifer Guernsey

"Dear Nicole, I wanted to say thank you again for last nights call. Activating, stimulating & just excellent. I couldn't sleep for ages due to energy stimulated." - Delyth Johnson