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Quantum Healing is THE next level for human consciousness and what you will learn as a Quantum Healing Practitioner will help people transform their lives in epic ways

About 2 years ago I was given a tool to help with the evolution of consciousness unlike anything that’s available.  

One day I started to meditate on the quantum field and would spend about 10 minutes per day in meditation.  Intuitively, I was being told that there is another level and I should go “beyond spirituality” so I listened to my inner guidance and began to develop a regular ritual.

What I would discover was so astonishing that it blew my mind

In a flash of insight, I was guided to develop a quantum timeline repair modality that helps you go into a past timeline in order to heal it at the quantum level.  This means that whatever took place in the past could be shifted at the energy level without having to go into hours of processing it, working with the inner child around it, or attempting to fix it by trying to get into a higher vibration.

I discovered it was possible to heal very painful trauma and wounds by repairing the timeline of when it took place in consciousness and bring the emotional freedom that many are seeking.

The Day Quantum Timeline Repair Went Public

I began to introduce timeline repair to my clients with incredible results but hadn’t taught it in a public setting until one day I decided to offer it on a live training call and had 2 callers go through the modality while others were listening in.

They experienced such life changing results in under an hour, they were also quite amazed.

Soon after more people were talking about the timeline repair modality and interested in learning quantum healing.

Help Others Heal the Past and What’s Holding Them Back

Learn how to be a Quantum Healing Practitioner and use the timeline repair modality to heal your life and help people heal what’s holding them back!

In my quantum timeline repair modality, I created the modality using the consciousness of the multidimensional avatar that helps you travel over timelines in order to heal at the quantum level.

The discovery of the multidimensional avatar in quantum timeline repair and my quantum healing is unlike anything else that’s taught in quantum healing.

Not only do you learn how to connect with the quantum field, you also learn how to use the multidimensional avatar self which is a part of consciousness that helps to switch timelines.

When you move into a painful memory with the multidimensional self in the scene, the pain can shift and be released.

You get a chance to learn how to heal emotional pain, stress, painful memories, past hurts, wounds, patterns, cycles and move it into a new timeline.

Practitioner Testimonials

“ I’ve just experienced Quantum Rebirthing session with Aote and just want to share my experience.

Firstly, I felt deeply held by her presence, I laid down on the floor and was in a complete surrendered state, felt comfortable to dive deep. She guided me to a place where I really needed to go to transmute some of the abandonment from the masculine. While I was feeling all of the emotions, she was bringing shamanic sounds through that allowed me to cry and not feel shy about what I was going through. She invited in Blue Avians with their energy and sounds, to hold space for me as well while I was going through alchemical process within my body. It was the first time for me to encounter these Beings. I’ve seen their shapes and heard their light language, I felt deep trust that I am held.

Am deeply grateful to have received such a beautiful and transformational Rebirthing session. Thank you, Angela, for being so intuitive and in a flow of what is needed during the process. ”

~ Eva

“ I had a beautiful and life-changing Quantum Inner Child Healing session with Josette. I am eternally grateful for the shifts that resulted from that session. I didn’t know exactly what to expect because I didn’t feel I had any traumatic experiences or wounding from my childhood. But with Josette’s guidance, we were able to heal an old imprint of when I was bullied as a very young child. This imprint has unconsciously still affected me to this day as I found it hard to stand up for myself when under attack and avoided conflict however small. This was affecting my ability to show up in my power in life and in my business. Since healing this old imprint I show up much more relaxed and authentically in my business and my relationships, and I don’t fear conflict or standing up for myself when it’s needed. This fear had unknowingly affected me my whole life and I made myself small and stifled my own power and success as a result. So Thank you Josette for allowing me to release that unconscious trauma that was holding me back. ”
~ Josette LeBlanc


Women after women say the SAME thing, when I move them through a deleting timelines modality using the quantum healing tools, it shifts their whole consciousness in a whole new way!

I don’t see anything that comes even CLOSE to healing like quantum timeline repair, other than my additional tools of course.

If you’ve been trying to do shadow work and keep having to go back over and over again into a painful cycle, story, belief, grief etc, collapse the ENTIRE timeline of it with quantum shadow work and use it with clients to help them achieve stunning results at the quantum level!

The deleting timelines modality go into ANY memory/timeline and completely CHANGE it in as little as 20 mins. My clients report going from a number 10 activated pain body around a trauma to a little as 3 to ZERO in about 20 mins.

This is useful for even deleting timelines around money, painful relationship pattern with men, emotional pain, your past family imprinting, abandonment wounds, rejection patterns, leaking energy, trauma and wounding from events etc.!!

This new way to create in consciousness is being sought after by so many people and the next level of total mastery in consciousness

What You Will Receive:

  • Choose VIP and book to learn with me 1:1
  • Weekly classes at NOON pst/ 3pm est starting Oct. 14th 2020
  • Private FB support group with over 25 practitioners
  • Class practice and instructions
  • Bonus School of Quantum Manifesting Membership with new classes starting this fall


New classes start Oct. 14th to November 25th. Class dates and times subject to change with notice. All classes are zoom live training and are recorded if you can’t make the live training. You will also have a choice to work with an accountability partner to enhance your learning and practice experience. You will also receive bonus access to your own private members’ area and Facebook support group.

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You can use Quantum Timeline Repair to heal and repair:

*Relationship patterns and cycles

*Past hurt from breakups and abandonment

*Painful recurring cycles with what you attract in relationships

*Emotional pain and suffering

*Unresolved anger and blocks

*Painful money programming and lack

*Disconnection from your mind and body

*Trauma from past and core wounding

*Unresolved relationships with parents and programming

*Inner child wounding

*Feelings of powerlessness and unworthiness

*Lack of success in your life

*Lack of results in your business and career

*Spiritual blocks

*Negative and low vibrational energies

And so much more!

With Special Guest Emily Joy Harris – Oracle of Sophia, Visual/Clairvoyant in every dimensions

Emily is an arcturian priestess teaching the science of ascension and helping to facilitate deep cellular healing, clearing false templates, infections through the field, Trauma, and helping to merge and balance the masculine and feminine energies through the divine union template. A twin flame herself she understands the false interfacing and Negative Alien interceptions that have corrupted the old Tf template and Old earth energies through False light and False ascension mapping. Her primary desire is to assist in the reconnection to the organic and authentic Self to create and expand through the new earth grids and collapse out the old archetypes ad structures through the fallen systems.

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The Quantum Practitioner Program 

Bonus Lifetime Access To The School of Quantum Manifesting

Client Testimonials

Elena Weber

“ I have worked with Nicole for the Timeline Repair sessions 1&2, and also the Quantum Rebirthing Sessions.  I must say I am blown away!! Nicole is an absolute powerful teacher and mentor who shows you the way to consciously change the stories and patterns of our lives.  I was able to change the pain and suffering that I felt in my old timeline into one of power and beauty. Shortly after receiving the Quantum Rebirthing session, things in my everyday life began to shift.  The relationship with my husband was more aligned with the king and provider energy. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have you as a mentor. This is next level holy work! The world needs this and I am in awe of you and your divine work.  I humbly bow. Thank you! ”

Jessica Giusti

*Bows head in grace love and respect at all*An Attestation:

“The other day eye had the privilege of joining in on the Complementary Quantum Healing Practitioner Call. Was then fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do a Timeline Remapping and Energetic healing on the Same call… I will just say

NICOLE BLEW MY MIND!!!!Let me preface a little:

I have been doing fierce innerwork for 25 plus years….53 maybe. Eye have descended into the deep, dark treacherous abyss and clawed my way up transmuting everything which was not love into love…leaving a trail of love in my wake. Regardless.of anyone else or anything, circumstance or any other perception. In the end altered not!I have the privilege in the last few months of witnessing Nicole Gayle dancing in the Quantum.

I see her. I watch..we engage, we laugh..but at the same time…she knows I do not engage as many others do…. I see them come and go, dance and love…laugh …we laugh.I have done fierce work…myself.At the same time there are few along the way of women that have or do resonate at the level Eye Operate.. much is within and spoke when I feel my precious drops of time are not to be wasted….rare occasion.”

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The practitioner training is a sacred holy container with full devotional service. Your payment is 100% secure with encrypted technology.
Tuition is non-refundable with the intention of creating from a full trust in your guidance and what you will receive.

This training is based on the energy healing tools of Nicole Gayle. By taking part in this training, you agree that you will not hold Nicole Gayle responsible in any way. Participating in learning how to be a Quantum Healing Practitioner does not guarantee income. You are responsible for your healing business and earning potential.

Right now, no one teaches quantum timeline repair the way you will be learning it as a Quantum Healing Practitioner.

Be the first to learn this revolutionary way of creating with the quantum field and learn how to teach it to others and earn an income.

You can also add it to your spiritual healing tools you use with your current clients if you have a spiritual healing business and you can help people from *ANYWHERE* around the world from the comfort of your own home.

I have clients from almost all continents I’ve taught and helped using timeline repair.  Once you learn how to master repairing timelines, you can also offer it as a healing tool to others.

New Enrollment Open Now. The Quantum Practitioner Program Starts October 14th, 2020