Quantum Consciousness and Manifesting New Timelines

Transcript of this episode

Hello, this is Nicole Gayle, in today’s short audio teaching I wanted to talk quite a bit about quantum timelines and creating new timelines. This has been a very fascinating space of exploration, and many people have been wondering quite a bit about that, how to go about creating that. So, I wanted to give you a definition of the quantum field creation.


The Quantum field creation is the invitation into the universal aspect of yourself, from which you can design what you desire to show up in your physical reality, and this is a very new, fascinating, field of exploration that moves you beyond the concept and idea of the law of attraction, because you’re merely tapping the surface when you are creating from, or trying to create from the law of attraction, and you’re not really going deeper into the actual quantum consciousness of the mind of creation.


The law of attraction is a space of creation from the thinking mind, whereas a quantum field is this space of creation from the universal mind, so you’re going further beyond  the thinking mind, which is just your physical thinking brain, and you’re going into the  field of unlimited possibilities, into the field of conscious exploration where you’re tapping into an unlimited field.


With regards to timelines let’s explore that a little bit:

In every reality that you are experiencing right now, or that I’m experiencing right now, there are timelines, so for example, the reality that you are and you are experiencing right now in your physical body, make up, your family and friends, career or business, your health, your wellbeing, your choices, your friends, your associates, the things that you like to do, like going to Starbucks, going to the mall, where you like to go shopping or what you like to wear, this is all basically a timeline or a paradigm that you are creating from.


Now, in the possibility of that if there are things that are not to your ultimate desire that you want to see different, in order for you to do that, you want to recreate a completely new blueprint for the thing or the things that you want to up level, or that you want to see changed.


What many people do is that they try to fix the situation that is already broken, so they try to make something that’s already broken or doesn’t have the potential for expanding, they’re trying to fix it and work with that broken situation in order for them to get more results in  that situation.


If you’re trying to do that right now, you’re probably finding out that what it is that you’re trying to fix that is sort of broken in that timeline is not getting better, it’s just not getting you what you’re wanting. Solve it, explore quite a bit.


A very popular example is when women try to make a man that does not have to potential to love them, love them. Or make a man that does not have the potential to be in a relationship with them, be in a relationship with them.


In that timeline where things don’t seem to be working, where he is not committed, where he is not mutual in his giving, with his time, with him valuing you, with his responses to you, or showing up, women are trying to sort of design something different from that specific timeline, and in order for you to literally move into towards what you’re wanting, you have to un-create from that old reality, and then re-create something completely new. Basically, you’re recreating a completely new and energetic possibility, and you’re launching from that space.


With regards to getting more of what you’re wanting, whether it is money, whether it is your business going or your career, it’s really important that you know that you are trying to pull from a new dimension to create something from. You’re literally going from path A to path B, you’re switching from the timeline of A to go the timeline of B.


So, if you’re launching the possibility in the timeline of B, you cannot use the tools that where not working for you in the timeline of A. You’re going to have to access new conscious energy and new conscious awareness, and literally redesign from scratch, or redesign a completely new blueprint with regards to what you want to create with path B in order for that to happen.


As you’re trying to move into switching into a complete new framework, for example, if switching into wanting to create or manifest something in the path of B, what you might find is that there is a buffering process, or there is a process where things may not seem like they are working out the way you want them to work out, and as fast as you want them to work out. Often times this is the space  place or where most people get very frustrated or they get doubtful, they get very disappointed, they get very discouraged, and it feels like it’s just a never-ending space of trying to create and you’re not getting what you’re wanting.


This is often the time when most people lose their faith or they lose their hope. They feel like they’ve been hit by a huge rock, or a huge block with regards to this whole situation. What often happens is that you’re going to have to access a new energy when you’re trying to create a new timeline, because, what might happen is that your old anchors, your old doubts, your old energy body, your ego, and the different things within your vibration might present themselves as this space of resistance for you, and make it seem like the things that you’re wanting are not necessarily happening the way that you are wanting them to happen.


So, you’re trying to create a new timeline, and you’re trying to switch timelines. Your consciousness and your old energy will feel like reality in your emotional body, like you’ll literally feel like you’re still living in that old reality, because your energy energetic makeup that has been imprinted in your emotional body, in your mental body, and it will make it feel as though this has not happened for you, especially because the mind is literally imprinted in the body. So, everything in cells, in your being, in your awareness, in your feeling and your thoughts and emotions more than likely feel like reality for you, even if you’re trying to switch.


The way it’s been imprinted with its deep layers may make you feel stuck and like you’re not making progress, and this is a very popular space for many people including myself. And so, what needs to happen is that your higher self must navigate the journey, or navigate the process, and be the master key that unlocks your new potential into another realm you can feel is possible until your being assimilates itself in this new awareness, and your reality reflects it.


This is a really important space. Between the space of your intention and your desire, the space where you are actually manifesting what you’re wanting, there’s probably a gap in that space, and the gap in that space may feel like a very lonely place, it might feel very painful, it might feel like your back is against the wall, it might feel like it’s impossible to move as you move towards what you’re wanting.


As you keep moving in that energy potential, in that possibility, by bringing some specific alignment, and making agreements at the soul level and aligning in that space, making new imprinting at the thought level or the mental level and aligning in that space, and taking new inspired action in the 3D or the physical reality, and aligning in that space, and as you continue to move into that reality, what you’re going to find is that you have this dynamic alignment, and this will help you to create more of what you’re wanting.


Now, most often people will try to do this all alone, and I tell you, trying to do this all alone is very challenging and very difficult, it can be a very hard process. Trying to create a new complete blueprint and a new reality by yourself might feel extremely impossible, and as you move into a space where you open yourself to receive, by allowing yourself to get the right support, and mentoring, you’re going to find that aligning with someone who is already expanding in that space, someone who’s expanding on that level is going to help you create so much more.


And this is where I come in, in terms of helping you and bringing you into mentoring sessions and helping you with a vibrational alignment, recreating contracts, agreements, helping you form a new blueprint a new timeline, and helping you transform what’s going on for you not only at a soul level, but also at the mental and the physical level.


So, feel free to connect with me in a complimentary call, I’d be happy to connect with you in that space of assisting you more in your journey of shifting and moving into a completely new frame, vortex, timeline and possibility, and helping you to learn how to design from the quantum field of consciousness, or the quantum space, that you’re able to manifest more of what you’re wanting into the physical reality.


A great space is also to learn how to deal with energetic resistance, which is often one of the biggest bodies of energy that most people face, and it’s very difficult for them to move into energetic flow, and therefore there’s many tools and techniques, and modalities that can help you to move energy out, in terms of energetic resistance, as well as specific actions you can take to do that that can only be learned through mentoring.


That’s not something you can find online, so feel free to connect with me. [email protected]. Connect with me via Facebook


I’d be happy to chat with you in a complementary call so that you can learn more  how to create in the quantum consciousness, and create new timelines, and to completely switch from the old ways of being into the new, more dynamic, expanded way of being, come greater into the ascension process and to move energy, become the actual template that you are desiring to see show up in your reality and to invest in your soul expansion to move into a greater space.


So, why don’t you think about what would your life be like in the next three months should learn these tools? Should you harness them, should you master them, should you practice them. What will things be like for you in terms, of what you want to manifest a beautiful partnership, if you want to manifest more money, if you want to manifest a more clients in your business, if you want to manifest better opportunities, maybe a home, a car, or better relationship in your family, or a better sense of wellbeing, more inner peace, more inner joy, or manifest more expansion in your life overall.


I’d be happy to connect with you in a complementary call, you can send me a message on Facebook or you can send me a message by email at [email protected]. Until the next time, thank you so much for listening, and talk again soon.

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