Quantum Healing Bonus For CITK Members

Quantum Timeline Repair 1

Deleting lower timelines, releasing timestamps, repairing timelines, the fractured aspects of the inner child with the multidimensional avatar in consciousness.

Quantum Timeline Repair 2

Access the multidimensional avatar self to release stuck negative energies in the body and integrating with body consciousness to imprint new frequencies within the self

Quantum Relationships

Quantum healing for a new sacred relationship blueprinting with sacred union codes including the Christos/Sophia harmonious sacred union meditation and template.

Quantum Inner child 1

vibration alignment: recreating new agreements at the soul level with the multidimensional self and inner child consciousness

Quantum Inner child 2

Healing inner child and parent dynamics and bringing the holy father, holy mother for deeper healing.
Integrating the 3 practice: Learning the practice for healing and balance inner masculine/feminine/and inner child consciousness.

Quantum Rebirthing

Travel back in time to the womb space of your mother revisiting the signature of how you were informed on multiple energy levels including genetic transference from DNA, unresolved soul level imprints, epigenetic formation from your mother’s emotional states and what was received within your energetic makeup that may have contributed to being born with trauma imprints and wounding. This modality helps you access the “self” through the energy of the multidimensional avatar that is timeless. You are able to allow for your multidimensional self to witness “trauma” as well as “rebirth” you – coming from the timeline of moving into the world in a powerless state and now have the opportunity to rebirth from the consciousness of the higher self-connected to source energy. You can choose archetypal rebirthing as well into Queen, Empress, Goddess, or any energetic signature of your choice.

Quantum Creation & Design

Cosmic oneness with creation: creating from the new frequency states of quantum consciousness and design

Quantum Manifesting: Learning how to manifest with the quantum field for healing, abundance, and prosperity in all areas of life and business.

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