Quantum Healing Practitioner Training Guidelines


1. The sacred investment you made to the Quantum Healing Training Practitioner Program is non refundable. You understand that although payment is deferred, after June 21st payment(s) will be due according to your payment option and choose to honor your investment with Nicole Gayle.

2. You choose to honor the sacred teachings of Nicole Gayle and agree to the medicine and mentoring. You choose to honor the sacred teachings of all special guests.

3. You agree that this program and healing tools does not replace medical advise and you should consult your doctor for any medical advise needed.

4. You choose to keep all Quantum Healing practices and rituals private and only discuss these in the group

5. You are choosing a path of sacred devotion and choose to invest with devotion to all practices and training.

6. You will not record, copy, share any of the teachings or practices outside the program.

7. You choose to be in harmony with all members and with highest integrity and respect for all.

8. You choose to honor your clients and be in the highest spiritual integrity as a coach/healer.

9. You choose to do the healing practices with clients while using the tools of Nicole Gayle and will never change/edit the training you received without written permission from Nicole Gayle

10. You choose to seek further training if necessary to assist you with mastering the tools you are learning in this program.

9 + 5 =