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Here’s a stunning testimonial of what took place during the BONUS giveaway where I guided Margo in the Quantum Queen modality live:

“Several days ago I’ve spotted that Nicole Gayle was organizing the training How to Anchor the Sacred Laws of Your Divine Feminine And Live As the Quantum Queen.

I have heard a lot about the archetypes and quantum healing and received lots of sincere recommendations from so many women that I swear I couldn’t resist this time.

Yesterday, I had a great honor to be a part of a truly transformative event.
I was very lucky to experience the Quantum Queen Modality directly from Nicole herself.

Having had the therapy, hypnosis, and shadow work in the past I was fairly aware of my shadows.
Yet, I was completely unprepared for the magnitude of the technique Nicole uses.

The process is very personal and reaches deep into your core emotionally and physically.

This morning I woke up with the sensation of a calmest, peaceful confidence and a profound feeling that what I used to fight for, is in fact my natural birthright.

Thank you Amelia Tereszkiewicz and Alba Barrett for tempting me into this purifying experience.

Most of all, thank you Nicole for allowing me to feel and claim what has already been organically mine”

– Margo Melvin


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