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Learn Energetic Selling & Marketing For Limitless Wealth

Divine Woman, you deserve it all

You deeply desire to experience…

More freedom

More Impact

More Influence

More Success

But you find yourself still struggling in your business and can’t break into 5 figures or consistent 6-7 figures

You know that in order to experience unlimited wealth, something has to change and you’re ready to unleash your business into next level success!

Let me show you how to expand your capacity to receive unlimited wealth in your life

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Unlimited wealth is your birthright but the path to this may have been filled with frustration, struggle, fear and lack.

You know you are meant for more and you’re looking for the divine way to attract your soul mate clients and make unlimited cash!

One of the keys for higher impact is CAPACITY combined with strategy plus having the balance of feminine and masculine energy in your business.

Embody Your Sacred Millionaire

In my Embody Your Sacred Millionaire program, you will learn how to do the energetic work so that you are expanding your capacity for a 6 – 7 figure business PLUS you will also receive practice business strategies and processes to grow your business.

Combining energy work by releasing the blocks to your consistent 6-7 figures as well as learning the strategies and consistently applying them will help you become unstoppable.

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Embody Your Sacred Millionaire by releasing the struggle, resistance, money blocks and unleash your divine millionaire from within with done for you energy healing modalities you get to follow step by step.

To move past struggling at 5 figures, it will require you to embody your powerful 6-7 figure consciousness as well as change the way you show up in your business.

It’s time to elevate your sales and business like never before.

Embody Your Sacred Millionaire

Here’s what you will receive in the Embody Your

Sacred Millionaire:

Mastermind Support

Unlock your divine wealth codes by being among women who are wanting to hold the high frequency of their genius and power in their business.

In Embody Your Sacred Millionaire, you get to receive monthly mastermind support calls so you can leap into 6-7 figures in your business.

You also get bonus private support calls with me when you choose the GOLD VIP option.

Master the energetic field of activating your business and living in your financial sovereignty.

Darling, let’s do this!

Energetic Healing Map

The energy healing map will provide you with the energy work tools to release the blocks to unlocking your divine abundance and show you how to anchor in a whole new frequency for powerful impact in your business.

In the energy healing map, you will receive:

My Money Detox Modality:

Learn how to release unconscious blocks, lack, agreements and money distortions and come into alignment with your true money blueprint.

My Wealth Activation Modality:

Release your agreements with the house of poverty and master the energetics of the house of wealth

My Future Money Modality:

Unleash the power of your future self and timeline to make more money in your business

My Solar Goddess of Abundance Modality:

Activate your power as the Goddess of Abundance so that you have a new wealth frequency.
Money Mindset Map

The money mindset map will help you do the money work to program your mind to receive unlimited wealth. It will help you get clear on your money goals and have a plan for your business success.

The Money Mindset Workbook:

Get the money mind you need to release the anxiety and fear so that you can nail your income goals. Learn how to create financial safety and sovereignty by getting clear on exactly how to have consistent 6-7 figures and map out the exact income you want in your business.

Manifestation Planner Workbook:

Learn how to magnetize your desires and the playbook that covers all areas of your life so that you are thriving in both life AND business. Work with the manifestation planner to help you come into alignment with the vibration that draws money to you, create your highest intentions for your highest impact and freedom you’ve always desired.

The Business Strategy Map

In the business strategy map, you learn the branding, marketing and selling strategies to attract your clients, create your offers and sell your magic.

The Digital Product Planner Workbook:

Create beautiful programs or courses that will help your clients transform their lives. In this planner you will dive into how to package your brilliance and the step by step plan you need to create irresistible offers that sell.

Learn the steps to build a gorgeous program even if you don’t yet have one.

You get to turn your passions into profit by learning how to find the right program idea, how to niche your program, the right audience, and the marketing plan to make it work.

The Facebook Planner Workbook:

Learn how to find your target audience by deepening into the lifestyle, interests and struggles of your ideal client. You will also develop a content marketing plan that helps you become magnetic to your audience.

Convert your page to attract your clients with a page audit plus have a content plan that helps you have more visibility, engagement and impact.

The Membership Business Planner

After mastering how to create high converting offers, you can add a passive income stream to your business and automate it so that you can be hands off and make up to 5-6 figures per month on autopilot.

In the Membership Business Planner workbook you can re-purpose your content to create an additional stream of income by having a monthly membership plan. You can deliver your content on your own schedule and be completely hands off.

Create cashflow on auto-pilot, even while you sleep while enjoying your time freedom. You could even focus only on creating a handsoff membership site and turn into into a 6 figure plus empire.

Email Planner Workbook

Have a way to build your relationship with your clients off social media and get them to know about your offers and programs with the email planner workbook. You can learn how to create converting campaigns, set it and forget it content or run challenges to help get your audience excited about your offer.

Email Planner Workbook:

Master email marketing but understanding your target market and why they buy from you. Learn the AIDA model – Attention, Interest, Desire and Action – to help your clients buy from you over and over again and also help to convert fans into clients.

Learn how to master your email copy or have someone on your team learn email marketing so that you can impact your audience and sell your offers.

Create free opt ins, learn the email funnel and launch steps and how to grow your list.

You also get the Sacred Millionaire Activation Teaching and My Sacred Business Profits Online Program When You Register Now


“I just did the money command modality for the first time. Such an interesting experience!
When I first tried to visualize the money Queen, massive resistance came up. I saw her as vile and disgusting and chose to stop the modality.
I did a father healing modality instead.
After integrating the father wound healing I tried again and was able to connect with the frequency of the money queen.
This time I had a strong reaction to the decree that I command money.
My body responded to the phrase “obey me”. Because I have experienced being used and manipulated in this and other lifetimes, I realized what it elicited in me was that I did not want to be an “abuser” that forced others to “obey me”.
I was able to observe with higher self and allow this feeling to move through and I was able to complete the modality.
It’s still SO interesting to me what these modalities bring up. I knew something was not flowing right with regard to money but I never would have been able to land on these insights on my own.
Looking forward to my 40 days of money commandments!”

~ Veronika Archer

“Thank you for the call today Nicole Gayle. I’m so tired in and depleted from living in lack consciousness. I assumed my financial reality would just simply shift as a biproduct of the healing work I have done over the years on my inner masculine. However, I’m realising that the programming runs very deep and I need more focus and daily commitment in the quantum field to collapse old timelines and expand my ability to receive and hold larger sums of money. I’m committed to entering a completely new financial reality through my new online business offerings. I’m also feeling incredibly inspired and excited after a heavy period of hopelessness from the strain of being the sole financial provider for two young children and the responsibility of wanting to be able to make all our hopes and wishes come true! Thank you!”

~ Natalie Smith

“I just want to say that Nicole Abundance is a woman with incredible insight, wisdom and on the cutting edge of what is happening within the energy system’s of women. She has an understanding of the depth of women’s healing that has helped me transform stuff that I have been really struggling with. I highly recommend working with Nicole and taking any of her courses. You will not be disappointed!”

~ Lisa Love

“My experience with Nicole has resulted in instant empowerment and shifts that are propelling me through blockages resulting in immediate improvement and success in a variety of areas in my life. I highly recommend her training and courses to anyone who is ready to embrace the unfolding of their highest potentials.”

~ Ashley Rose

“I have grown so much in the last 5 weeks and I am so grateful. I feel continuous support from Nicole. She is attentive to my emails and answers questions clearly and timely. I am already seeing definite results.”

~ Laura Godfrey

“Wow!!! I’m feeling so activated after that activation, Nicole, thank you!!! I definitely want to make that a regular/daily decree!”

~ Susie Mooratoff


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Become the 6-7 figure healer and coach you were meant to be! Get the support to unleash your genius and release ALL limitations to your divine prosperity.

Learn how to hold a higher end frequency and the strategy to invite in higher paying clients.

It’s time to unlock your Sacred Millionaire Blueprint!

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