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The Sacred Money Practitioner Program is a BRAND new practitioner program for women and men who desire to do the money work, heal their money story, master the energetics of wealth, abundance, and prosperity to live a life of OVERFLOW and also help others heal their money. This program can also be a self-learning program.

Learn how to heal money blocks, clear money distortions, amplify your money mindset,
END the lack program, master the money tree grid PLUS have the opportunity
to also coach women in your OWN sacred money programs, this is for YOU!

You will receive several money-healing modalities you do on a regular basis that helps you heal distorted money programs on a deeper level.

Each modality will take you step-by-step through a healing process that empowers you to heal the unconscious blocks with money and write a new money story.

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Here’s what you will learn in the practitioner program:

Module 1 – Money Detox Modality

Release unconscious curse, blocks, lack, agreements and money distortions

Module 2 – Money Tree Grid Modality

Build a new money grid connected to the
organic money tree

Module 3 – Money Command Modality

Learn how to make money obey you as command

Module 4 – Money Avatars with Quantum Jumping

Create new money avatars inside a money portal in the quantum field

Module 5 – Future Money Modality

Harness the power of your future self and timeline to make more money in the present

Module 6 – Electric Money Modality

Electrify your money and create money using the electric energy and grid

Module 7 – Wealth Activation & Creation

Release your agreement with the house of poverty and master the energetics of the House of Wealth

Module 8 – Solar Goddess of Abundance Modality

Activate your power as the Goddess of Abundance so that you have a new wealth frequency


I just did the money command modality for the first time. Such an interesting experience!

When I first tried to visualize the money Queen, massive resistance came up. I saw her as vile and disgusting and chose to stop the modality.

I did a father healing modality instead.

After integrating the father wound healing I Tried again and was able to connect with the frequency of the money queen.

This time I had a strong reaction to the decree that I command money.

My body responded to the phrase “obey me”. Because I have experienced being used and manipulated in this and other lifetimes, I realized what it illicited in me was that I did not want to be an “abuser” that forced others to “obey me”.

I was able to observe with higher self and allow this feeling to move through and I was able to complete the modality.

It’s still SO interesting to me what these modalities bring up. I knew something was not flowing right with regard to money but I never would have been able to land on these insights on my own.

Looking forward to my 40 days of money commandments!

- Veronika Archer

Choose this program as a Self Healing Program OR Learn as a Practitioner to use with clients from the comfort of your own home.


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