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Master Money and Marketing For Sales Overflow

Let me be straight with you….

There are absolutely no more excuses left why you cannot enjoy a beautiful business and money life.

And you’re here because you are ready to go all in.

You know it’s time to create a life of money that can serve you as well as the good you want to do in the world.

And you want to do this with so much joy and glow that makes you leap out of bed every day and your ideal clients lit up to work with you.

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You are ALL in

You are no longer going to “try and see if it works” and you’re a full yes to making it work for you.

You’re ready to master energetic selling and marketing without hustling, stress and burning yourself to the ground.

You want to unlock your sales force code where you are living in the overflow.

You want to be surrounded by your sales overflow tribe and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

You’re ready to sell and scale

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

Deep money journeying and healing of core money blocks to help you release the unconscious patterns of lack of sales

Money mindset recoding of your beliefs so that you can sell and receive with joy

Energetic selling that attracts your tribe and ideal clients to work with you

Engagement strategies that grow your impact and influence

Selling frames that inspire people to buy from you again and again

How to write copy that sells and invite in your aligned soul clients to work with you

Content secrets that make your tribe jump for joy so your content draws them in

How to sell your high ticket offers and hold your energy so that you don’t attract leaky energy to your offers

Cash jump strategies for quick cash flow into your biz

Healing modalities to support your sales and grow your business

It’s time to elevate your sales and business like never before.

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Energetic Healing Map

The energy healing map will provide you with the energy work tools to release the blocks to unlocking your divine abundance and show you how to anchor in a whole new frequency for a powerful impact in your business.

In the energy healing map, you will receive:

Monthly healing with my Money Detox Modality:

Learn how to release unconscious blocks, lack, agreements and money distortions and come into alignment with your true money blueprint.

Monthly activation with My Wealth Activation Modality:

Release your agreements with the house of poverty and master the energetics of the house of wealth
Money Journey Map
The money mindset map will help you do the money work to program and get clear on your money goals so you can have a plan for your business success.
In the Money Mindset Map, you will receive:

The Money Mindset Workbook:

Get the money mind you need to release the anxiety and fear so that you can nail your income goals. Learn how to create consistent income by having clear money goals and money flow

The Sales Overflow Maps

Create your sales overflow strategy so there is NO guessing on having consistent sales in your business. Map out your sales funnel so that you are always bringing in your clients with ease.
The sales overflow maps will include:

How to Sell with joy

How to Seed your offers

How to Receive with pleasure

How to Dance with money

How to Scale with ease

Use call-to-action strategies that make clients ready to work with you and leap to your offers.


I’m going to show you how to…

Make the impact you desire to make in the world

Recode your money template

Attract unlimited clients

Have a booked out thriving business

Fill your programs

Become a sales genius

And do it all with magical joy and play 🎉

Sales Overflow Membership Monthly calls
start on Tuesday Sept. 6th at 1pm
2x LIVE monthly zoom calls.
All classes are recorded for replay.
Zoom access link will be sent via email after signing up.


Questions For Nicole?
Email Me:  [email protected]

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