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Diamond Feminine,

There is a new frequency of feminine power and glory that is about your dazzling consciousness.

There is a NEW frequency of feminine wealth that’s available for you to anchor in your life.

There is a new frequency of feminine opulence that’s your royal birthright.

It’s time to awaken your feminine glory and make your life all that it is meant to be!

I’m calling you into your luminous feminine, the eternal power you hold within your being and to make 2021 beautiful, magical and your BEST year yet!

You deserve it all!

The story of the feminine without her glory

Modern stories about the feminine are about her being in her power, yet many women feel like they are constantly struggling and no matter how hard they try to live in their power, there is still something deeply missing. They feel there is an ache, hustle, striving, stress that is constantly looping in disappointments and hurt without the ability to express the magical essence they are born with.

This modern programming was also part of how I was experiencing being in my feminine – I used to live right on the edge of always feeling empty, broken, destroyed, and broke.

NO matter how hard I was trying, I was always feeling like I was failing in my business. I would go around in circles trying to manifest more money in my life only to come up short.

This cycle of trying and trying left me EXHAUSTED and depleted me to where I felt DONE.

I knew there was something beyond living in the pit of hell hoping to live in my feminine opulence and I decided I was not going to stop until I experienced my GLORY.

Within a few short months of anchoring in my diamond feminine codes, my life changed in stunning ways!

I went from being loaded in debt to living in feminine fortune.

I went from being broken and broke to experiencing opulent abundance.

I went from barely making ends meet to having my business grow 243% so far this year!!

In what felt like the darkest place of my life, I came to discover the power of my feminine unlike ANYTHING that is taught online!

What They Don’t Teach You About Feminine Power

As well meaning as many teachings are about the feminine, what they don’t teach you is about feminine GLORY. They teach you to try to “get” power, not BEING the GLORY itself!

If you feel like no matter how hard you try to be in your feminine and it’s still not helping you create a life of opulence and divine luxury, now is the time to KNOW your glory so that it can be expressed in ALL areas of your life.

What is really missing is you being in your glory – the ability to express your full divine power in all areas of your life, to attract what YOU want with ease, to live in the overflow of abundance, to experience multidimensional power, to rest in the beauty of receiving and to be deliciously nourished.

Bring Back Feminine Glory

I’ve watched many women struggle to live in their divine feminine power and have helped many women take their throne and rule in all areas of their lives.

In our culture there is a “form” of femininity that leaves many women behind. Women are taught to use their femininity to “get” what they want in life, to “get” more money, or use their feminine power to inspire men. They aren’t taught to hold the glory of power in their hearts and soul and live in their total sovereignty.

And one of the BIG missing links for women is total financial SOVEREIGNTY!

No matter how much our culture promotes equality for women including equal pay, women are STILL left suffering with making more money in their lives.

Do you feel like no matter how hard you try to be in your feminine, it doesn’t help you break out of suffering over money?

You don’t need another “feminine power” teaching, you want to BE your glory – the magnificent expression of God’s power!!

Freedom is about YOU in your glory – fully dazzling in your Diamond Frequency.

What I Saw In A Dream

Not that long ago I received the inspiration for the Diamond Life came from a dream then downloaded the codes I will be bringing to you!

The dream gave me the entire sequence around the new face of feminine power and glory. I saw a powerful diamond that represented the new frequency of what’s coming for women.

This NEW frequency is about your divine opulence, you experiencing your luxurious feminine energy, and the life you’ve always wanted!

We are moving from the old feminine teachings into the new frequency of the feminine –

The Diamond Life

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After observing most teachings on feminine power still keep women struggling with money, men, their success, business and life, I’ve been given a vision to help women like you anchor a new frequency!

I’ve prepared a place for you to experience the life you’ve always wanted, to lift feminine power into luminosity, to live your dazzling life and to experience the power of your diamond codes.

The Diamond Life is a 4 month program from January 2021 to April 2021.

Here’s what’s included in your Diamond Feminine Immersion & Diamond Feminine Sapphire Classes

Classes Start Tuesday Jan. 12th at NOON PST

January 2021

Class 1 – The Diamond Sun Body & Inner Christos

Class 2 – The Sacred Crystal Heart and Devotion Codes

February 2021

Class 1 – The Diamond Love Codes and Men Modality

Class 2 – Cosmic Masculine Provision & Ruby Feminine Process

March 2021

Class 1 – The Diamond Money Codes Activation

Class 2 – Diamond Feminine Wealth DNA and Feminine Fortune

April 2021

Class 1 – Hieros Gamos Sacred Union Codes

Class 2 – Feminine Glory and Crystal Ceremony

Plus Diamond Heart Meditations Each Class!

We start Tuesday Jan. 12 at NOON PST. All Classes Will Be Recorded For Replay If You Can’t Make the LIVE Classes

You do not want to miss these Diamond Classes.

When you join, you will get a chance to be added to our private FB support group where you will get more details on the LIVE class schedule and Diamond Feminine Process.
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Become A Diamond Life Member Now

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Diamond Feminine Testimonials

You have one life, make it dazzle!

You get a chance to join a community of women who are about living in our feminine power and glory, magnetizing our dreams, creating our opulence, living in our joy, experiencing beauty and the diamond lifestyle!

Join me and special guest speakers who will take you on a journey to discover MORE of your Diamond Feminine!

The Diamond Life is a 4 month program from January 2021 to April 2021.

Learn the true codes of feminine power that will help you live in your glory in all areas of your life.

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You have the chance to create a new feminine frequency and access a new portal of possibilities.